The abbreviation LL stands for:

  • Léon & Lévy, 1864 in Paris by Moyse and Léon ( Isaac ) Georges Lévy based photographer studio, set to about 1917 postcards and stereo copies ago
  • Israel according to the ICAO code
  • Division
  • Leased line, leased line, a hardwired and wired transmission path between two locations
  • Leipzig Central Station DS 100
  • Liebknecht- Luxembourg - demonstration, political mass demonstration to commemorate the murdered on January 15, 1919 revolutionary socialists Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg
  • In Accounting: Receivables Receivables ( Accounting ) (a. LL)
  • Left List, a party (ies ) merger in Austria
  • Limited liability (to German: " limited liability " )
  • LL parser in compiler construction
  • In the military airborne operation and the required units
  • Crow
  • Lutte Libre, French for freestyle wrestling
  • The post code area Llandudno ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

LL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Ll. or LL is an abbreviation for:

  • " For life ", see life imprisonment

Also, ll is a digraph in some languages ​​:

  • In Spanish and in Catalan, see Voiced palatal lateral approximant
  • In Welsh, see voiceless alveolar lateral fricative
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