Lochranza ( Scottish Gaelic Loch Raonasa ) is a place in Scotland on the Isle of Arran. It is the northernmost town on the island and is one of North Ayrshire Unitary Authority.


Lochranza is located on the Firth of Clyde on the north side of the island of Arran.


Lochranza is located on the ring road, which leads the way around the island and has a small ferry port which has an exit to the mainland and the peninsula of Kintyre. A new pier was built in 2003, so that larger ships can find easy access. Regular users of the pier, the paddle steamer " Waverley " and " Lord of the Glens ", a small cruise ship.


On a small promontory stands the ruin of Lochranza Castle, which is a striking landmark of Lochranza.

The town has a whiskey distillery, a large campground, a butcher and a pub, hotel and restaurant. The only shop in Lochranza is the campsite shop with a small selection of groceries and small parts.