Lokomotiv-Versuchsamt Grunewald

The Locomotive Experimental Bureau Grunewald (abbreviation LVA ) was an existing 1920-1945 facility in Berlin -Grunewald, carried out the experiments on railway vehicles. The Office took advantage of facilities of railway repair shop Grunewald at the light rail south-west of West Cross.

After the German State Railroad Company was founded in 1925, which has existed since 1906 Railroad Central Office ( EZA ) renamed Reichsbahn Central Office ( RZA ). This resulted in lower other numerous experiments on steam locomotives and created the scientific basis of performance measurement on rail vehicles. It has been supported since 1920 by the Locomotive Experimental Bureau in the main railway workshop Grunewald. 1936 were 152 employees working for the Assay Office.

1945 completed the work due to the war in Grunewald and were continued in the GDR in RAW Dessau and Halle and the Federal Republic of Germany, first in Göttingen, later in Minden and in Munich.

The Office had test van, a chassis dynamometer with water eddy brakes for locomotives as well as test beds for various vehicle components.

The Assay Office the names of the following employees are particularly closely related:

  • Robert Garbe (1847-1932)
  • Hans Nordmann (1879-1957)
  • Richard Paul Wagner (1882-1953)

On the grounds are now some service buildings of the Deutsche Bahn, some smaller companies as well as a golf course.

Former goods location

Former workshop building the railroad on the test site (August 2008)