Berlin Westkreuz station

  • Berlin ring road ( KBS 200.41, 200.42, 200.46 )
  • Wetzlar Train ( KBS 200.7, 200.75 )
  • Spandau suburb train ( KBS 200.5 )


The S-Bahn station Berlin West Kreuz is located in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg district of the Charlottenburg -Wilmersdorf. He is next to the Ostkreuz the connection between (extended ) rail and Ringbahn dar.

From the Western Cross Station you can reach with different S -Bahn lines on the Wetzlar train to Wannsee, on the Spandau suburb train to the Olympic Stadium and to Spandau on the circle line to Gesundbrunnen and the south of Berlin, as well as the light rail to downtown.

In operation Jobs Directory ( suburban railway ) is Berlin- West cross as BWKR with the variants BWKRR ( circle line ) and BWKRV out.


The West Cross is located in a very sparsely populated area on the border between the districts of Charlottenburg, Hallensee, Westend and Grunewald. The road to the fairgrounds is relatively long, this is (formerly Eichkamp ) and Fair ( formerly joke life ) developed by the stations Messe Süd Nord / ICC and by metro and bus much better. Therefore, West Cross serves mainly the transfer.

A certain curiosity was the wooden provisional platform to the freight tracks of the ring road, the 1997 diesel-powered commuter trains from the western hinterland served as the end point of 27 June 1994 to 31 May.


The station is constructed as a tower Train Station, offering very short transfer distances in all directions. He went on December 10, 1928 under the name of exhibition in operation, but was already on January 15, 1932 its present name. His reception building with integral interlocking tower was designed by Richard Brademann and place for static reasons, the Northwest corner of the station cross.

The platform of the ring road lies entirely within a 161 × 22 meters large hall, including, the two platforms of the light rail, which are covered almost the entire length.

There were problems from the beginning with the ground, which here consists of a sand-filled glacial meltwater channel. Even when constructing occurred settlement damages, inter alia, that tended the interlocking tower. Even the ring railway Hall sagged, there was up to 50 centimeters differential settlement. Therefore, the course had to be reworked again and again over time. In 1968, the Reichsbahn with the then largest repair project: The Ringbahn hall was hydraulically lifted, new foundations were set, try a deep foundation. This work went on until 1976.

The cessation of the S-Bahn to the kingdom workers ' strike in 1980 also affected the West Cross Station. On the tram, there was only a minimal traffic, the operation on the ring road had been completely set. Also in 1984 after the takeover of operations by the BVG changed that classification.

Only in 1989 the Berlin Senate began with the reconstruction of the ring road. He found a particularly great need for remediation at West Cross Station. So had to be demolished in 1993 station building and signal box; the interlocking tower had been with 30 cm a dangerous overhang. The station was equipped with escalators and elevators.

On 17 December 1993 the first section of the ring road was put into operation, so that the West Cross had after 13 years back in its old function.

As part of the general renovation of the rail beside the railway lines and the city's two platforms were renovated in West Cross since 2004. The work has been completed up to the Football World Cup 2006.


The West Cross is served by six lines of the Berlin S-Bahn. The tower station serves primarily as a transition between the S -Bahn lines. A bus stop is there, but served only in one direction.