Ahrensfelde station

  • Wriezener train ( KBS 200.7, 209.25 )


The Ahrensfelde station is a regional and S-Bahn station in Marzahn -Nord, the northern part of Berlin's Marzahn hamlet in the district of Marzahn- Heller village. It is located directly on the border with the Brandenburg municipality of the same name Ahrensfelde. In operation Jobs Directory train station is run as BAHR for remote web part and BAF for the S -Bahn part. The station has three platform edges, one side of the platform for the train and a common central platform for regional and S-Bahn.


The station was opened simultaneously with the opening of the railway Wriezener on 1 May 1898 but remained over the years never to Ahrensfelder area. Initially, the station premises belonged to Gutsbezirk Falkenberg, which was the district of the district of Weissensee with the Greater Berlin Act. In 1979, moved the border with the formation of the borough of Marzahn, 2001 finally went on in the Marzahn Marzahn - Heller village.

Already at the time of the Third Reich should pass through the station on their way to Werneuchen suburban trains. The Second World War prevented here as on other routes the extension. Solely inclusion in the suburb tariff could be realized in 1938.

Regional trains, initially coming from Lichtenberg, were withdrawn with commissioning of the S -Bahn to Ahrensfelde on December 30, 1982 to here. Since 1993, the trains will go through another to Lichtenberg.


In addition to the regional train line RB25 ODEG the station is connected to the S7 the Berlin S -Bahn, as well as some bus lines of the SAR and other regional bus companies.

Pictures of Ahrensfelde station