Berlin-Tiergarten station

  • Berlin Stadtbahn ( 8.2 km ) ( KBS 200.5, 200.7, 200.75 )


The S-Bahn station Berlin -Tiergarten is a stop on the Berlin Stadtbahn. It is located between the stations Zoologischer Garten and Bellevue on the 17th June Street in the district of Hansa district of Mitte. The station is served by the lines S5, S7 and S75 of the Berlin S-Bahn. The building is available as part of the rail viaduct under monument protection.

Location and construction

The S-Bahn station located on the western edge of the Tiergarten north of the Straße des 17. West parallel to which nearly extending in a north-south direction central platform of the S -Bahn Bachstraße. On the eastern side of the Berlin Pavilion is located.

There is a concourse between the main entrance and the platform access.


The initially designated as stop animal garden station was taken on January 5, 1885, about three years after the opening of light rail in operation. It consisted of a central platform at the eastern track pair, which was intended for the suburban trains. The platform was covered by a hall construction. The station served mainly the connection of the resultant in the 1880s, Hansa district and the adjacent areas of the former city of Charlottenburg. The roof of the designed in the style of the period concourse was covered with galvanized iron corrugated iron.

June 11, 1928, leading through the station tram tracks were electrified. 1936, the station was rebuilt. The old train shed was demolished and replaced by a simple roof structure of steel columns. At the same time, the entire station area was redesigned in the style of Nazi architecture.

From 30 October 1994 until 11 November 1996, the station was to clean up the city railway viaduct out of service due to construction work. On 19 July 2009, the previous breakpoint was converted along with the north-eastern About the same control center operational in a train station.


The S-Bahn station is currently served by the lines S5, S7 and S75 of the Berlin S-Bahn. With the exception of trains running in the wake of the subway line U9 night bus there is no transit traffic to other public transport.