Berlin-Charlottenburg station

  • Berlin Stadtbahn ( KBS 200)
  • Wetzlar Train ( KBS 200)


The train station Berlin- Charlottenburg is located in Berlin's Charlottenburg district of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. At the station, the Berlin metropolitan railway passes in the beginning here Wetzlar train.

The station is served by the lines S5, S7 and S75 of the Berlin S- Bahn and regional trains of the DB Regio. The two regional platforms are located west of the railway line crossing under Lewishamstraße. The two S -Bahn platforms were moved in 2005 to the east, so that the pedestrian zone Wilmersdorferstraße Brown and the Metro Station on line U7 by a short walk can be reached.


The station was opened in the course of the construction of light rail as their western endpoint on 7 February 1882. The old station building at Stuttgarter Platz was heavily damaged in World War II and provisionally restored.

Since the end of World War II until the withdrawal of allied forces from Germany, there were also in the Charlottenburg station the Allies reserved for extraterritorial area (platform with additions ). This special terrain in Charlottenburg was the British Allies reserved. Other special stations (also with extraterritorial zones) of the Allies were Wunsdorf ( in Zossen ) for the Soviet troops, train station Lichterfelde West for U.S. troops and Tegel railway station for the French troops.

For the conversion Wilmersdorferstraße in a pedestrian zone, a new connection to Kurfürstendamm had to be created. The result was an extension of the Kaiser- Friedrich -Straße street breakthrough for Lewishamstraße in the area of ​​the station. The order required new station building was inaugurated on 6 July 1971. As on 9 January 1984 was the operation of the S -Bahn in West Berlin of the Deutsche Reichsbahn of the Berlin Transport Services ( BVG), launched by 4 clock in the morning the first train under BVG Director at Charlottenburg station to ride to the Friedrichstrasse station.

Early 2003, the construction work was started for a better interchange with line U7 of Berlin's subway at Wilmersdorferstraße station. The two platforms of the S -Bahn were removed and approximately 200 meters east newly built modern. As part of this measure, the Western Railway Station access was abandoned and is dedicated at the eastern end of the new S -Bahn platforms another access. The first (northern ) new S platform has been put into operation on June 6, 2005, the second S- platform in summer 2006. Both regional platforms were not moved. As part of the restructuring of the railways, the distance in the range of the station Charlottenburg was provided on both sides with noise barriers.

In 2010, the station building was energetically renovated as part of the stimulus package I of the Federal Republic of Germany, the heating energy consumption was reduced by 41 percent. The troughs track the mainline shall be rehabilitated and replaced on the platform tunnel between September 2012 and April 2013.

Line overview

In addition to the long-distance trains passes through the Regional-Express line RE 2 the station without stopping. Currently holding two regional express, three regional rail and three S -Bahn lines at Charlottenburg station.