Dessau Hauptbahnhof

  • Trebnitzgrund -Leipzig ( 23.0 km )
  • Dessau- Köthen ( 0.0 km )
  • Dessau- Wörlitz ( 0.0 km )


The Dessau Hauptbahnhof is the main passenger station in the city of Dessau in Saxony- Anhalt. The German railway arranges a train station in the train station category 3.


The station is located in the south of the Elbe, the suburb of Dessau, west of the city center there. There is a scale in north-south direction through station. The Grade II listed station building is located east of the tracks from this opens up a pedestrian tunnel with elevators the platforms and will connect to the west side.

On the eastern forecourt there is a tram and bus stop as well as an information and sales pavilion Dessauer transport company, also bicycle storage. The western access including forecourt was redesigned in 2010 and set up a P & R car park and another covered bicycle parking.


Dessau and Roßlau already had early because of crossing the Elbe, a great importance in the railway traffic. The first railway line was opened by the Berlin- Anhalt Railway Company on 1 September 1840. 1911 already the connection was electrified to Bitterfeld. Because of the presence of several industries in the region, such as the Junkers Aircraft Works, the railways had a great significance for logistics.

During the Second World War, the station building was destroyed in a bomb attack on 7 March 1945 and until 1952 built.

Was the station a long time on a hold for inter-regional and intercity trains, he served since 2006 exclusively in regional traffic, as Dessau is located away from the major trunk routes Berlin -Wittenberg, Halle and Magdeburg -Halle- Leipzig.

In the years 2008 to 2011 was a comprehensive renovation, including a major renovation of the track and overhead line equipment of railway transport hub Roßlau / Dessau and thus the plants at Dessau Hauptbahnhof. The track plan of the station was simplified so that a speed of 160 km / h possible. On December 5, 2010, the electronic interlocking ( CBI ) Dessau was come into operation.

As part of the stimulus package I of the Federal Republic of Germany, the reception building was renovated in energy by 2011 by DB Station & Service AG, the energy consumption was reduced by more than 50 percent. The focus of all measures of rehabilitation lay on the extensive planning and redevelopment of the station. The combination of exhibition spaces in the city, the Bauhaus Foundation and the Federal Environment Agency with a waiting area to make the interior a adventure location and make the waiting time entertaining and enjoyable. In 2013, the premises of the mission station were expanded and modernized.

In the future it is planned to integrate Dessau in the network of S -Bahn central Germany and produce an S- Bahn connection to Halle and Leipzig in December 2015.


2010 renovation of the main station

Special train to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the electrification of the Dessau- Bitterfeld, 2011

Transport links

The central station is a supra-regional importance. Long-distance transport there is no more since the start of the Berlin main train station in 2006. The Dessau- Wörlitz Railway operates only during the summer season.

In public transport the main railway station is served by three tram and six bus lines. Furthermore go all night bus from here.