Berlin-Marzahn station

  • Wriezener train ( KBS 200.7 )


The train station Berlin -Marzahn is a Berlin S- rail station in the district of Marzahn.


The station is located in the west of the district and is bounded to the east by the Märkischen Avenue and west of the meadow Weg. On the central platform of the S -Bahn closes south to a double track for sweeping change. The station has two entrances and exits. The southern crosses the railway tracks to the Brandenburg Avenue and Meadow Weg, and stood before the closure of the regional platform as access to this. The average set-up and disposal also has a lift and connects the platform directly to the Shopping Centre Eastgate.

The former regional platform was removed after decommissioning; his former position is based on the expanded railway tracks can still be seen. To the north of the platform led a siding from the Knorr brake plant in Bürknersfelde.


The Marzahn station was put into operation on 1 May 1898 Wriezener the web. In addition to the platforms for passenger train station decreed from the beginning also has a freight yard. First there was the route, and thus also the railway station outside the Berlin tariff area. With the incorporation of the village of Marzahn to unity municipality of Greater Berlin in 1920, the first plans to expand the range and improve the accessibility of lying places it came from. The plans of the Nazis for the expansion of the Berlin S-Bahn network saw, for example, the - planned - S -Bahn before a separate pair of tracks to behind Marzahn. As a first step 1938, the suburb tariff to Werneuchen was introduced, which brought with it a density of traffic.

The steam and later diesel-powered suburban services but spending almost four decades, until the early 1970s, work began on the large housing estate Marzahn. In order to promote the workers already cost the S -Bahn to their jobs, a commuter train route from Friedrichsfelde Ost Springpfuhl to Marzahn was born on 30 December 1976, several years before completion of the settlement, put into operation. The suburban traffic was withdrawn by Lichtenberg Marzahn. 1980, the extension of the line to Otto Winzer Street (today Mehrower Avenue). The suburban traffic was accordingly withdrawn and the regional platform together with the reception building of 1898, a small, single-storey brick building, demolished.

With the construction of Eastgate in 2005, a shopping center on the Märkischen Avenue, came for the first time again on considerations to build a regional platform next to the S-Bahn station. However, no concrete plans for implementation are not known.


On Marzahn station the line stops S 7 S-Bahn Berlin. He can be reached with the tram lines 6 and M 16 and the bus lines 154, 191, 192, 195 and 291 of the LPP at the bus station Marzahn.

Pictures of Berlin-Marzahn station