Berlin Springpfuhl station

  • Outer ring ( 200.7 KBS, KBS 200.75 )


Springpfuhl is a rail station in the northeast of Berlin in the route network of the S -Bahn Berlin. It consists of a fully roofed central platform. On the stairway to the streets ( path) bridge avenue of cosmonauts is a ticket office. The transition to Helene- Weigel-Platz is designed as provided with ramps tunnel. On the platform keep the day of the week every five minutes S-Bahn lines S7 and S75. For several years, there is the peculiarity that have the trains into town coming from the S7 Ahrensfelde (or the S75 from Wartenberg ) connection to the out of town moving trains of the S75 (or S7). The station announcements are made by a signal box on Biesdorfer cross. His name was given to the station by a just 200 meters away pond of the same name.


Was opened the station on December 30, 1976 as part of the S -Bahn route between the S-Bahn stations Friedrichsfelde Ost Marzahn and along the Wriezener web. The first behind the station away from the city 's leading single-track line was extended to the year 1978 two tracks. It was extended in stages by the end of 1982 on Marzahn addition to Ahrensfelde station. Since 20 December 1984 in the out of town branch line to Hohenschönhausen in operation.


The S-Bahn station is served by lines S7 and S75 of the S -Bahn Berlin. In addition, interchanges exist with the tram lines M8 and 18 and bus line 194 to the Berlin public transport.

Pictures of Berlin Springpfuhl station