Berlin Savignyplatz station

  • Light rail ( KBS 200)


The Savigny Platz Train Station is located on the rail in the district of Charlottenburg. He is the youngest station of the Berlin Stadtbahn. The central platform under one lying on cast-iron columns gable roof and the open entrance hall are under monument protection. The station is used by the S -Bahn with the lines S5, S7 and S75. It has two entrances, one from a pedestrian zone from Savigny Platz, the Else- Ury -Bogen and a second of the Schlüterstraße.


The breakpoint is currently served by the three S- Bahn S5, S7 and S75 of the Berlin S-Bahn.

Was built in the station 1885/1886 on the typical Berlin S -Bahn arches in the middle of the then new residential area around the Savigny Platz between the stations Zoologischer Garten and Charlottenburg. The opening took place on 1 August 1896.

1934 portals were at the two wells of the station attached with the station name as well as the reception rooms modernized. At the same time the railway arches have been provided in this area with a dark brick facade.

1986, the section between Bahnhof Zoo and Savigny Platz has been extensively renovated, the superstructure was completely replaced. The platforms and access structures were largely restored after historical model. Since then located on the firewall on the platform side towards the west, the 100 meter long gallery " World Tree II". Under the direction of artist Ben Wagin this gallery was to reminder of the destruction of the environment. 18 different artists, including Joseph Beuys, took part in the gallery.