Berlin Wuhletal station

  • Eastern Railway ( 9.8 km )
  • Metro route E ( km 12.7 )


The Berlin Wuhletal station is a rapid city and underground railway station on the border of the Berlin districts Biesdorf and Kaulsdorf in the Marzahn - Heller village. It lies on the northern edge of the eponymous landscape parks Wuhletal and is served by the U5 of the Berlin U- Bahn and the S5 of the Berlin S-Bahn. The plant is owned by the Berlin public transport and is listed there under the operating points abbreviation Wh. For the S -Bahn is the code BWT.

Stop at the station - one time in the Berlin transport network - U- Bahn and S -Bahn in the direction of operating on the same platform. More combi platforms between S- and U -Bahn exist in Germany only in Munich on Neuperlach South Railway Station, in Cologne- Chorweiler and Konstablerwache in Frankfurt ( Main).

History and Structure

The as Kaulsdorf -west from the design and surveying office of the Deutsche Reichsbahn ( EVDR ) planned railway station was built in the course of 1985 launched the east as the former line E for developing large housing estate Heller village and together with the other stations of the route to Honow on 1 July 1989 opened. The station is located on the embankment of the existing S -Bahn on the line of the Prussian Eastern Railway, which crosses the line used for the subway vnk - track here. The embankment is being crossed by the Wuhle and two pedestrian tunnels.

The Metro uses the middle two tracks, the S-Bahn outer two. The subway thus has two outdoor platforms, the S-Bahn has a through the subway along shared platform. At the northern platform the trains stadtein, out of town on the southern platform. Due to the used jointly by U- and S-Bahn platforms are having a length of 160 meters around the longest in the Berlin U- Bahn network.

Southwest of the station are the only connection between the track of the Berlin Underground and the network of the Deutsche Bahn.

As you can see on the picture on the left, to the S- Bahn tracks, the train destination indicators with glass panes from the opening time are still present. The U- Bahn tracks are equipped with electronic DAISY indicators with LED.


In addition to the lines S5 and U5 of the station by several bus lines of the Berlin public transport is operated.

Pictures of Berlin Wuhletal station