Friedrichsfelde (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Friedrichsfelde is a station of the Berlin U -Bahn line U5 in the same district. He was the first terminus of the line opened in 1930 E. When BVG he is led under the symbol Fi. Southeast of the station connects to the maintenance workshop Friedrichsfelde.


The late 1920s, the planning of a subway line to connect the eastern parts of Berlin was taken up again. This provided for the guidance of the line from Alexanderplatz below the Frankfurter Allee to Lichtenberg station. Thereafter, the web should pivot on the Prince Avenue (today Einbeck road) and follow it to the Friedrichsfelder village. The metro station is located just before the intersection of Einbeck with Rummelsburger Zachert and Alfred -Kowalke -Straße. The tracks run from there further to the southwest. Two tracks led as the reciprocal tracks continue in the tunnel and two more showed up after that. At a time still undeveloped area then arose own maintenance workshop for the line. The opening of the station took place on 21 December 1930.

The station corresponds with one exception, the normal type of subway station Memel (today: Weberwiese ). This and the other stations on the line were designed together by the Swedish architect Alfred Grenander and are characterized by a uniform design in the style of modernity. A special feature was a characteristic color in each subway station was assigned a different color to help visually impaired people's orientation while driving. For Friedrichsfelde was light blue provided.

Since the station was in a still very rural area, was enough here the simple depth of the platform, the outputs so close right at the end of the platform and do not have an intermediate level. The paved platform is 120 meters long and 8 meters wide. In addition, disposal of the station over the then-common features in the form of benches, destination displays info or showcases.

Shortly before the end of the Second World War it came on 26 February 1945 a bomb hit, in which the station was damaged. Only a few people were no injuries because the operation at the time rested in this section of the network already. It was only on June 13 was a hastily made-up shuttle between Friedrichsfelde and Frankfurter Allee be included. This was gradually extended until 26 June to Alexanderplatz and replaced from 1 February 1946 the regular circulation operation.

1955 opens the Berlin zoo in the castle park Friedrichsfelde its doors. The subway station was the next high-speed rail connection despite its distance of over one kilometer. Therefore, he received, among other things, at the instigation of the then zoo director Heinrich Dathe, 1958 the additional zoo. Dathe tried in subsequent years to a better connection of the ground to the underground, which required a continuation of the line. Because of the ongoing construction still waiting for his official decision, a first " secret " pile was held with the participation of the Berlin Transport Authority and the Directors of the Civil Engineering Council on September 19, 1969. For the sustainability of the return tracks were abandoned and the tunnel extended. Even during the construction of the suffix was removed in 1970. On June 25, the opening of the extension took place.

2004, an extensive renovation of the station, at the most noticeable feature of the light blue tiles were replaced by dark blue enamel plates, which are interrupted at the level of the station name with a light blue ribbon. The asphalt floor was removed and replaced with granite slabs. To the June 9th, 2010 the station received a lift at the southern exit, the costs amounted to € 350,000.