Cottbusser Platz (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Cottbus place is a station of the Berlin U -Bahn line 5 in the district Heller village of the district of Marzahn- Heller village. The BVG internal symbol is C. The station was built after Honow in the wake of enlargement of that line E from the zoo and on 1 July 1989 officially opened.

Location and facilities

The metro station is located just south of Hellersdorfer road that runs parallel to the new stretch of the U5, at the height of the eponymous square. In contrast to the other stations, the route of the railway station is not in the incision but slightly inflated. A pedestrian tunnel is access to Hellersdorfer road north and to Carola Neher Street and the Auerbach ring south of the station.

The station has a center platform, which is covered on the entire length of 110 meters from a double-breasted design. The access from the pedestrian tunnel to the platform is via a flight of stairs or a ramp, which are slightly offset from the east to the platform center. Between these is the building of the station supervision. At the western end of the railway station there is another function building. Superstructures, columns and railings are painted in brown.

The platform covering originally consisted of concrete slabs and was later replaced with a concrete pavement in the special federation. The platform edges are still made ​​of concrete and are distinguished from by a 60 cm wide white security strip.