Tierpark (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Tierpark is a station of the Berlin U -Bahn line U5 in the district Friedrichsfelde. It is located right at the gates of Berlin's Tiergarten park and is the only one built in the GDR underground metro station. In the BVG he is led under the symbol Tk.


Shortly after the opening of the zoo in 1955, the then director Heinrich Dathe tried to fast rail connection to spare the audience for a long ways. Just one year later to an aboveground continuation of the line was E ( today U5) from Friedrichsfelde Metro Station starting on the grounds of the maintenance workshop Friedrichsfelde to Treskowallee (today: Am Tierpark ) designs, where parallel to this at about the level of Friedrichsfelder castle the double-track railway terminal should be located. Although this solution would have been much cheaper than an underground continuation, the plan was rejected, since a further continuation by Karl Horst anyway an underground route made ​​it necessary and the proposal was considered to be too easy. Therefore, first the Friedrichsfelder Metro Station was accompanied by the zoo.

At the end of the 1960s, the planning has been revived. The decisive factor, however, was not this time the connection of the animal park to the subway network but the imminent termination of the tram route through the road of liberation (now Alt -Friedrich field, part of the federal highways 1 and 5). This led from the station Lichtenberg, starting from the zoo, and would leave a gap in the network in case of failure. The task of the subway, which held also in Lichtenberg, is to close this gap was.

Although the agreement was available at this time, for the time being not an official decision on the continued construction of the line was taken. As the person in charge of the construction of civil engineering VEB was not busy with his capacities, nonetheless a first " secret " pile was held in the presence of the directors of the Berlin Transport Authority on September 19, 1969. The place of place of the later metro station was chosen because such a construction freeze would have been the least to be expected.

After nearly four years of construction of the station on 25 June 1973 has been opened. The approximately 1.2-kilometer new line runs exclusively underground and swings just before the terminus to the south where it runs parallel to the road at the zoo. Prior to the new main entrance of the zoo there is finally the train station.

This was similar to the previous stations of the line E, ​​also invested in one and a half times the depth position. It has to both platforms via multiple outputs that lead to the animal park, the newly built Hans- hole quarter and right to the streetcar. As a further platform for a line Marzahn already in construction - Oberschoeneweide was considered below, the platform coincided with twelve meters in width from slightly larger than others. Is supported by a double station, green tiled row of pillars. The walls are tiled in Masonry Association and held in cream color. Bottom is also asphalt, as in the other stations.

The five -meter-wide space between the pillars was completely freed from the train station setups, so ticket machines or benches are usually located between the piers along the direction of travel. The office building for the supervisory staff was created about three feet above the ground. The aim was to increase the security on the platform, especially for groups of children who were so easily manageable.

Behind the station there were a three-pronged reversing facility as well as a double track, reversible front of the station. Since the line should be conducted in the 1980s, contrary to the original plans, not by Karl Horst, but along the former route vnk Heller village, the plants eventually had to be rebuilt accordingly. The first new route uses the tracks of the reversing facility and then turns parallel in a tight left turn to vnk - distance and then emerges. The downside tracks were redesigned so that they are only accessible by Friedrich field from. The changes of track before the station was built back on a track, so that the coming of the reciprocal conditioning trains can then swing back to the "right" track in the direction of Friedrich field.

After the extension of line 5 on July 1, 1988, the investment return of the station zoo is only used in construction work or special trips.

Since December 2008, the station has a lift to the road surface, thus facilitating the transition to overground running north-south tangent of the Berlin tram. The cost for the construction of the lift amounted to 425,000 euros.


The music video for Paul van Dyk We Are Alive was filmed mostly in the Metro Station zoo and in the associated Additions and subways.