Kaulsdorf-Nord (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Kaulsdorf -Nord is a station of the Berlin U -Bahn line U5 in the district Heller village. In the BVG he is led under the symbol CL. The station is 1463 meters from the train station and Wuhletal 850 meters from New Street Station Grottkauer.

The subway station was planned under the name Hellersdorfer road, but named for the opening on 1 July 1989 by the Albert North Street. In the wake of reunification, the BVG named the station on 2 October 1991 in Kaulsdorf -Nord to; after consultation appointment of Albert Street in the north Cecilienstraße a re-naming was considered.

The station has a twelve meter-wide central platform in the terrain incision and is adjacent to the Hellersdorfer road. He is the lowest altitude station of the entire above-ground route section zoo - Honow, so that the roof of the platform is about at street level. Two long covered pedestrian bridges serve as access to the station, the northern of the two has ramps for barrier-free access. The shopping spree center is around 100 meters away on the other side of the street Hellersdorfer road. In addition to the underground train station is accessible by several bus lines.

Just north of the station is a two-pronged turning system. During the rush hour one of the trains coming from Alexanderplatz already ends in Kaulsdorf -Nord and not start until after Honow by.