Cross-platform interchange

A combined platform is a platform can be switched to the points between modes that have different requirements for infrastructure and / or platform height. It is a relatively young, but now very popular idea for better linkage between transport carriers.

Typically, it refers to a central platform, which holds a railway at an edge on the other side but buses (possibly under a common platform roof ). Ideally, by the transition can be made from a low- floor tram in a low-floor, without even a single step or threshold to be overcome.

By providing on the " bus side " street flush laid streetcar tracks, the platform can also link light rail and railways.

The often become just lately in railway operation platforms, where on both sides of the railway tracks, but with different platform heights, are, are not usually referred to as combination platforms. They have thus become necessary that three different standard platform heights (55 cm, 76 cm and 96 cm) are common in new buildings train station, for example in Germany.


Between U- Bahn and S -Bahn:

  • Bahnhof Köln - Chorweiler (underground, since 1975)
  • Bahnhof München - Neuperlach South (overground, since 1980)
  • Station Frankfurt ( Main) Konstablerwache (underground, since 1986)
  • Bahnhof Berlin Wuhletal (overground, since 1989, in the GDR built )

Between mainline and metro and bus (or tram):

  • Braunschweig Hbf ( central bus station behind the train station )
  • Bremen Hbf ( central bus station with road platform in front of the station)
  • Station Eschweiler Talbahnhof / Raiffeisenplatz
  • Train Station / Bus Oerlinghausen
  • Station / tram / bus Rhöndorf
  • Rüsselsheim Train Station
  • Metro Station Oberursel Bahnhof in Oberursel (Taunus )
  • Station Ober-Roden
  • Mühlener station in Stolberg ( Rheinland)
  • Station Ingelheim
  • Enkheim Underground Station in Frankfurt am Main
  • Garching underground station - Hochbrueck

Between Tram and Bus:

  • Several variations in the network of Gera tram; Tram turning loop station Zwötzen ( train, tram, bus )
  • Connecting stop Heinrichstraße
  • Connecting stop Cooperative Education
  • Interchange points on the tram line 1


With wheelchair ramp ...

Gera tram and bus


Bus and subway in Frankfurt am Main

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