The Euregiobahn is a cross-border regional train line (RB 20) in the composite space of the Aachen Regional Transport Network and the neighboring Dutch Zuid- Limburg, operated by DB Regio NRW region.

  • 4.1 Ringbahn Herzogenrath - Alsdorf - Stolberg
  • 4.2 Düren - Jülich - Linnich
  • 4.3 branch line Wuerselen - Aachen center
  • 4.4 Long-term expansion plans


Historical precursors of Euregiobahn were the first two hourly free city express trains Aachen - Heerlen, which have been introduced since 31 May 1992, failing that, on the railway line Sittard- Herzogenrath for the trains on the line Aachen -Maastricht. As the first real stage of development of the regional rail system Euregiobahn the relation of Heerlen Herzogenrath, Kohlscheid and Aachen was taken to Stolberg Altstadt into operation in June 2001. In this case, the section Stolberg Stolberg - Central Station was reactivated old town for passenger traffic. The station Stolberg -Altstadt ( the old railway Stolberg ( Rheinl ) hammer was on the initiative of the City Council renamed ) and the breakpoints Stolberg town hall, Stolberg Mühlener Bf and Stolberg granulator re-emerged, at the same time at the breakpoint Stolberg Mühlener Bf a public transport junction in the form of a bus station was established on the site of the demolished Mühlener station.

As a second stage went in September and December 2004, the Eschweiler rollercoaster of Stolberg central station via Eschweiler- West, Eschweiler Talbahnhof / Raiffeisen Square, Eschweiler- Nothberg to Eschweiler- Weisweiler and the section of Herzogenrath Herzogenrath Alt- Merkstein to Herzogenrath August- Schmidt- Place in operation. In December 2005, the route via Alsdorf -Busch has been extended until Alsdorf - Anna Park. Finally, the Euregiobahn runs since December 2007, the two new breakpoints Heerlen - De Kissel and Eygelshoven market between Herzogenrath and Heerlen.

Due to the dramatically shortened country means the routes could initially be developed sparingly. With the construction of the new line Eschweiler- Weisweiler Langerwehe began in the summer of 2007, it was opened on June 14, 2009. Trains depart from that day of Eschweiler - Weisweiler after Langerwehe and finally in December 2009 hourly until Düren. Since the places Eschweiler- Nothberg and Langerwehe are now connected via the Euregiobahn route, the breakpoint Nothberg on the main line between Cologne and Aachen in December 2009 has been closed.

On 11 November 2011, the first test ride on the next expansion section of ring closure, the stretch of Alsdorf - Anna Park - Mountain Keller - Post Road, instead. The official inauguration took place on 9 December 2011 at 18:02 at the clock a special trip to the Euregiobahn only for invited guests from Alsdorf - Anna Park opened the route. On December 11, 2011, the scheduled passenger service began.

Reactivated routes

The following routes have been reactivated for the operation of Euregiobahn by the infrastructure manager EVS:

New lines


A special feature is operating the clutch and the wings equipped with an automatic Scharfenberg clutch cables. On the one coming from Aachen trains are separated in Stolberg central station, after which the first draft part about Eschweiler- Weisweiler traveling on to Langerwehe, the rear cable portion to Stolberg Altstadt. In the opposite direction the trains are technically in a specially equipped track ( Beifahranlage ) were combined in Stolberg freight station and travel together via Hauptbahnhof Aachen and Aachen Schanz Herzogenrath. There they take turns going without wing concept to Heerlen (NL ) or Merkstein and Alsdorf - Anna Park to Alsdorf post road.

Monday to Friday morning run individual trains, each with two trips per direction of Aachen central station further on the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach to the station Geilenkirchen place to Heerlen or Alsdorf. Since the spring of 2004 takes place on Sundays during the summer months, a regular leisure traffic between Heerlen and Alsdorf and Heimbach (Eifel ) instead.

Vehicles of Euregiobahn

DB Regio NRW sets in Aachen -built, two-piece DMUs of type Bombardier Talent. However, were in the early days of Euregiobahn also units of the three-part version, which will be designated as the class 644, used. Trains series 643.2 used today have besides a Indusi device for the German railway systems via the Dutch train protection system ATB.

For criticism of the lack of toilet facilities provided in multiple units, was why the meantime pointed with endorsements on the vehicle doors to that fact.

For the angedachte future continuation of the Euregiobahn in road space, even into the city of Aachen some of the previously purchased railcars to operate under the regulation of the construction and operation of the trams ( BOStrab ) have been equipped with special high-performance brakes, turn signals and mirrors.

  • Vehicles of Euregiobahn

BR 643.2 with indicator

BR 643.2 at Eschweiler- Nothberg


Ringbahn Herzogenrath - Alsdorf - Stolberg

Since December 2005, the Euregio train runs every hour to Alsdorf - Anna Park and since December 2011 Alsdorf Annapark addition to Alsdorf post road. As of June 2014, it is intended to Eschweiler- St. Jöris drive. The ring closure via Wuerselen - Merzbrück to Stolberg Central Station is expected to be implemented after 2014.

Düren - Jülich - Linnich

An extension beyond Düren addition to Jülich / Linnich for the year 2016Vorlage: planned future / In 2 years. On this route the Euregiobahn to weekdays support the trains Rurtalbahn.

Branch line Wuerselen - Aachen center

In the final stage the range of about Alsdorf Euregiobahn - Begau, Wuerselen - Merzbrück and Würselener center to be led to the city center of Aachen. This would be used largely the lines of existing and disused routes. The section between Aachen and Aachen, North bus station, there would probably be traced out tram default. Contrary to earlier plans, none of the already certified for the downtown traffic Talent DMUs be driven on the city of Aachen. Here is set to future Zuggenerationen that meet the requirements for the city in terms of noise and exhaust gases. In city traffic, even an entry-level height of significantly less than 80 inches would be required to allow a disabled entry.

Long-term expansion plans

The maintenance Eschweiler- Aue should be reactivated in 2004. For financial reasons, this has not yet been realized despite citizen protests in Eschweiler.

Also required on the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach citizens breakpoint in Richterich has not yet been tackled.

Further plans include the continuation of the Euregiobahn about Heerlen addition to Sittard.

There are also plans to build another track at the high-speed line between Cologne -Aachen and Düren Langerwehe to allow a tighter timetable clock.

Also an extension of Stolberg Streckenastes after Breinig and later Walheim to Eupen by the reactivation of the existing line is discussed.

Also was a reopening of the former colliery railway siding Mariasdorf after Siersdorf, a subsequent new line of Siersdorf to Ederen and the reactivation of the earlier circular path of Jülich Jülich Ederen up in the discussion. However, it was requested by the Duerener circular path as a railway infrastructure company in 2007, the closure of the former range of the Jülich circular path.

Currently, there are considerations to replace the Streckenast the Euregiobahn the Dutch Heerlen. It is planned the Dutch Heuvellandlinie of Maastricht on Heerlen, Kerkrade, to Aachen to extend a new line by the German - Dutch Business Park Avantis and Aachen West Central Railway Station. The Euregiobahn would then use only the route to Herzogenrath and Alsdorf.


The trains of the Euregiobahn capitalize on the not operated by DB Netz routes, the infrastructure of the Euregio transport rail network (EVS ) in Stolberg. This was established by the BSR stone treatment GmbH in 1999 and has taken over a large part of today's traffic from the Euregiobahn routes of Deutsche Bahn AG on 12 October 2000.


The German territory of Euregiobahn falls well within the range of the Aachen Regional Transport Network ( AVV). After Heerlen, there is a transition deal, also finds the Euregio ticket on all ranges used.

Trips to Breinig

At the annual town party in Stolberg, which usually takes place on a weekend in September, the Euregiobahn drives over their other endpoint Stolberg -Altstadt addition to Breinig. It operates between Stolberg Hbf and Breinig from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening at hourly intervals and can be used there for the children fare. Between Stolberg -Altstadt and Breinig the Euregiobahn uses the otherwise hardly route along the railway line Stolberg- Walheim. Due to lack of signaling and safety devices of the train is riding at a walking pace. The non-secured with barriers or light installations crossings in Breinig are backed by transport workers. For the trip from Breinig to Stolberg -Altstadt the Euregiobahn needed twelve minutes.


Breakpoint Eschweiler- West

Breakpoint Stolberg Mühlener Station

Euregiobahn in Heerlen station ( NL)