Herzogenrath station

  • Aachen -Mönchengladbach
  • Stolberg- Herzogenrath
  • Sittard- Herzogenrath


The Duke Rath train station is the most important railway station of Herzogenrath in the Aachen region. On Herzogenrath station on the route to Sittard and Heerlen Landgraaf and the railway line Stolberg- Herzogenrath branch off, both of which are served by the euregiobahn. It is located in the tariff area of the Aachen Regional Transport Network and has several bus stops as well as a park - and-ride car park.


1852 Duke Rath received the connection to the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach: one year on the still existing station building was inaugurated. 1857 a loading track for coal pit Anna in neighboring Alsdorf was created in 1890 a newly built track over Alsdorf in the direction of Stolberg (Rheinland) and 1892 taken into the Dutch Heerlen in operation. From 1890 to 1950 there was a railway depot in Herzogenrath.

In December 2004, the route was reopened after Stolberg contains breakpoints Herzogenrath -Alt- Merkstein and Duke Rath -August- Schmidt-Platz and extended the operations on the route to Alsdorf - Anna Park in December 2005. From 2007 to 2008 the platforms were rebuilt to a height of 76 centimeters and thereby greatly reduced the usable length. In addition, the station received elevators for barrier-free access to the platforms. Since the timetable change on 13 December 2009, the Duke Rath train station with some intercity trains on the routes Aachen - Cologne again connected to the long distance network - Berlin and Leipzig.

Capital equipment

The station has four platform tracks, one of which is designated as track 55, a railway siding and is not used as a rule. More tracks stump for the traffic on the route to Stolberg were located directly next to platform 55 north of the reception building, but were dismantled for the construction of the parking garage. More tracks lie west of the platforms and are still partly used for parking of goods and labor trains.

Duke Rath is one of the few stations on the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach, which are not controlled by an electronic interlocking. The operation of the station is controlled since 1985 by the relay interlocking Hf the type SpDrS600 at the northern station entrance. From this also the interlocking of the further direction of Aachen railway station located Kohlscheid is remotely controlled. Between 1915 and 1985, decreed the station about two mechanical signal boxes on the northern and southern station entrance. The northern dispatcher interlocking Hf was also responsible for the lines to Heerlen and Alsdorf, southern carried the designation ms

*: Only Mon-Fri morning two trips per direction.