The Rhine - Nier -Bahn (RB 33 ) is a regional rail line in North Rhine -Westphalia. It combines Wesel and Duisburg on the Rhine with Moenchengladbach at the Nier and Aachen and Heinberg. ( Course Book routes 420, 425 and 485).


The line is formed from two hourly services that drive offset by about 30 minutes:

Thus arises on the section between Duisburg and Monchengladbach 30 -minute intervals. In relieving station, between Mönchengladbach and Aachen, the trains of Aachen are winged. The front tension member continues his journey as far in the direction of Mönchengladbach, while the rear cable portion is disconnected and performs a change of direction towards Heinberg. On the way back he is again coupled with the coming of Mönchengladbach railcars and continues with this double-heading on to Aachen.

On the line usually come EMUs of the 425 series are used, and occasionally also those in the 426 series in double traction. In exceptional cases (eg in case of problems with the railcars in the fall ) and reversing trains arrive consisting of n- cars and a locomotive of the 111 series are used. Operator of the line is the DB Regio NRW region.


First, the line operated only between Wesel and Duisburg and Mönchengladbach. The timetable change in December 2002, replaced by lengthening the beginning in Duisburg trips on the section Mönchengladbach - Aachen the frontier railway, which started as through binding of the Rhein- Emscher- Express in Mönchengladbach until then and beyond Aachen on the railway line between Cologne and Aachen to the station Cologne -Deutz under the wrong line number RB 21.

On 1 March 2008 a future concept was published in 2015 by the AVV, after which the Rhine - Nier -Bahn (RB 33) of Duisburg Mönchengladbach and alleviating a) to Heinberg and b ) should be performed to Aachen. Thus, the Rhine - Nier - web should take over the operation on the railway line - relieving Heinberg, who was originally awarded the Euregiobahn. The final plans before finally saw a Flügelzugkonzept in which two units of the 425 series from Aachen drive in double traction and relieving takes place in a train split. This concept was finally reacted with the timetable change on 15 December 2013. The existing since the introduction of the line stop at Kohlscheid station was deleted in the course of the schedule change.


In the traffic planning of the State of North Rhine -Westphalia of 1998, the resolution or renaming the Rhine- Nier -Bahn was provided. So they should run from 2015 on the Wesel -Duisburg section as S -Bahn line S 20 and from Duisburg continue towards Dusseldorf. On the stretch Wickrathberg -Duisburg on the Rhine - Nier train should run no later than 2015 as S 21 and continue from Duisburg to Kamen. The adoption of Section Aachen- Wickrathberg in the S- Bahn network is not provided for in the plans.

Train route

The regional train is traveling in its course the following railway lines:

  • Railway Oberhausen- Arnhem between Wesel and Oberhausen
  • Railway Duisburg -Dortmund between Oberhausen and Duisburg
  • Railway Duisburg -Mönchengladbach on complete length
  • Railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach on complete length
  • Railway - relieving Heinberg ( Rheinl ) to full-length