Krefeld Hauptbahnhof

  • Duisburg -Mönchengladbach ( KBS 425)
  • Links Niederrheinische route (KBS 4495)
  • Viersen - Moers ( KBS 12424 )
  • Krefeld Rheydt.This


Krefeld Hauptbahnhof is the largest train station in the city of Krefeld. There, the two-track electrified railway Ruhrort -Mönchengladbach cross ( KBS 425) and the Left Lower Rhine line ( KBS 495), and also the today used only until the Krefeld steel plant Anst railway Krefeld Rheydt.This starts at the Krefeld Hauptbahnhof.


The opening of the station took place in 1847. From 1906 to 1909, the track and the train station were set up to eliminate the grade crossings in the city. Since then, the station also carries the additional name Central Station. Until 1950 there was also a railway station Krefeld Railway Company (CEC ), whose original route is used today by the Federal Highway 9. This station Krefeld South was rebuilt in the lift kit in the south of the track apron, but the trains were not included in the main train station. Today ( 2011) is the main railway station, only the short link to the used mainly by the museum train silt range of KEG.

The station was assigned by the end of 2012, the railway station, category 2. January 1, 2013, the station the station is assigned to Category 3. Since Krefeld is not served by long distance trains, the city is one of the largest in Germany, where traffic is limited to regional trains. The former importance of Krefeld as a railway junction is after the closure of large marshalling yard Hohenbudberg ( on the road to Duisburg, just outside the city limits ) declined and the eastern from the central station and freight depot on the task of long-distance passenger traffic. As an important facility, however, there is still the repair plant in Krefeld - Oppum, in which, inter alia, ICE trains arrive for service.


On the railway line Duisburg -Mönchengladbach operate rail passenger transport usually every hour the Regional-Express line RE 11 (Rhein- Hellweg - Express) and half-hourly regional train RB 33 (Rhein- Nier -Bahn ), which links Lower Rhine route is every half hour by the RE 10 ( Nier - Express) Kleve and Dusseldorf Krefeld to Cologne every hour operated by the RE 7 (Rhein -Münster -Express ).

In addition to the railway lines of the railway station is also served by nine bus lines and four tram lines SWK MOBIL and three other bus lines of regional traffic Niederrhein. In addition, the station is also stop two lines of light rail Dusseldorf, which are operated by Rheinbahn.

Regional Transport

Long-distance traffic

The timetable change on 15 December 2013, the Krefeld Hauptbahnhof will be reconnected to the long distance network of Deutsche Bahn. Monday to Friday retracts Intercity train from Aachen via Mönchengladbach and Krefeld to Berlin. IC 2222 and IC 2223 in the opposite direction.

Light rail and tram