Geilenkirchen station

Aachen -Mönchengladbach


The Geilenkirchen station is one of two railway stations in the town of Geilenkirchen. The station is on the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach ( Route number 485). He was until 1971 the junction with the Geilenkirchener circular path and to 2001 Highway maintenance.

Between 5 November 2007 and 10 November 2013, the relieving station with the introduction of the electronic interlocking ( CBI ) Grevenbroich was merely a stopping point for renewed connection of the route Alleviate - Heinberg the breakpoint has been back to a train station and rebuilt.

The Geilenkirchen station has a reception building. There is a waiting room, a ticket office and a fast food restaurant in it.

Track systems

The Geilenkirchen station has three tracks for passengers. All tracks are planned hit by trains. Ends on track 3 and applies the morning Euregiobahn. Furthermore, there is a siding West Energy and Transport GmbH. There are regular freight cars, which are usually placed on the connection with locomotives of the series 294, discharged. When construction on the route of the connection is also used to stop work trains, such as the time of the construction of the connection to the CBI in October 2007.

Signal box

Until the 5th of November, 2007 Geilenkirchen the dispatcher interlocking G f for the three crossings and turnouts and signals of the station was responsible. On 5 November 2007, this task was taken over by the CBI Grevenbroich, was completed as the second stage of construction. After numerous vandalism damage to the disused interlockings between Reydt and Ubach- Palenberg were in November 2009 to all signal boxes on the section, and thus also in Geilenkirchen, replaced the doors with security doors and secured windows with perforated metal plates.


The first station at Geilenkirchen ended in 1852 with the opening of the section Herzogenrath - opens Reydt. 1900 was the second station, which was part of the Geilenkirchener circular path opened. Because of the central location of this became the largest of the circular path. In the circle railway station there was a locomotive shed and workshops. Because of the meter gauge system of the circular path it was not possible to rank freight cars directly onto the tracks of the state railway. These had to be turned over to special charging tracks. 1938 was made possible by the dolly system to move the standard gauge wagons on the meter gauge tracks of the Geilenkirchener circular path. The station system thus consisted of two reception buildings, a warehouse for freight and baggage handling, a loading ramp and a head track for loading wagons with vehicles ( Geilenkirchen is Bundeswehr location). After the end of the rail operation of the circular path of the bus depot of the later Kreiswerke Heinberg was built on the site of the Geilenkirchener circular path. They took the passengers by coach and bus, which now replaced the passenger trains of the circular path. Today, the former Kreiswerke Heinberg West Energy and Transport hot.

Previously, the series 103 and 101 went regularly with the Inter Regio Aachen - Berlin at the Geilenkirchen Bahnhof. With the introduction of the summer schedule 2001, this link has been deleted. From the winter timetable 2013 IC trains the Aachen are again - Berlin regularly stop in Geilenkirchen Bahnhof.

2008 the city of Geilenkirchen took over the reception building of the Deutsche Bahn and began with urgent rehabilitation work. New business will be integrated into the building. So in 2008, a McDonald's restaurant opened in the station. A bakery, a newspaper stand and a taxi office to follow. In addition, to make the 3000 commuters a day to stay in and around the station more attractive a set -valuated waiting area with service counter and new toilet facilities.


In Geilenkirchen trains to the following lines of railway passenger services:

*: Only Mon-Fri morning two trips per direction.

Linking with the surrounding countryside

Immediately prior to the entry hall is one of Geilenkirchen bus station as a central link to the bus network of the Western Energy and Transport GmbH or the Aachen traffic network.

For travelers who want to reach by car from the Geilenkirchener surrounding the station, the train station is behind a free park-and -ride car park with 530 parking spaces. Through a pedestrian underpass all platforms, the reception building and the bus stop located in front of it can be reached from there. In addition to receiving building has parking for two-wheelers and the main entrance is a holding strip with taxi stand.