The Wupper - Express is a regional express line in North Rhine -Westphalia Aachen On Monchengladbach, Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Hagen to Dortmund. Holdings is the line every hour by DB Regio NRW. He is the third most widely used regional express line in the traffic group Rhine -Ruhr having approximately 24,000 passengers a day.


The current circulating under the number RE 4 Regional Express is the successor of the city - express line SE Wupper Express Aachen- Hagen Iserlohn. Later the endpoint to Hamm was moved and after the abolition of the Inter Regio he went on to Münster. The ITF 2 introduced in December 2002 lines Maas- Wupper -Express ( RE 13) and EMS flare -Bahn (RB 89) replaced the road to Munster and the Wupper Express runs since then stopping in Witten to Dortmund.

Train route

Specifically, the Wupper - Express is traveling successively the railway line Aachen -Mönchengladbach, Mönchengladbach- the railway line and the railway line Dusseldorf Dusseldorf -Elberfeld. The railroad Elberfeld- Dortmund, he follows only to Witten Hbf, from there it uses the tracks of the railway line Witten / Dortmund -Oberhausen / Duisburg, and the tunnel overhead street on his way to Dortmund Hbf at night served the RE 4 and the Dusseldorf Airport Station terminal.

The Wupper Express runs on a large section parallel to the S-Bahn lines and has partly taken the character of a fast train or commuter train and is used as such by the passengers.

Material used

Are used express locomotives of the series 111 with non air-conditioned double-decker coaches of the second kind. Reinforcement trains between Dusseldorf and Aachen are driven locomotives of the series 110, alternatively 111 and exclusively with modernized n- cars.

Until the timetable change in December 2007, the Wupper - Express was still on schedule traveled with the series 110 and 112.1. In 2011, the series was phased also common to see 145.

Mid-2012 were the trains of this line, a new interior.

The Wupper Express is one of the last RE- lines in NRW, which has no air conditioning in the train.


In 2007, the Wupper - Express was after the NRW - Express the line with the highest delay rate. On average, every ride was late at their end points to 4.18 minutes. This is in comparison to 2006, a significant deterioration when it was still 3.0 minutes. The rate of non- predictable cancellations lies with the Wupper - Express higher than average. 2007 fell from 3.6 % of the trains, in 2006 it was 1.3%. The VRR ordering the largest part of the train, writes in his quality report 2007: " This significant increase is only partly offset by the hurricane Kyrill " in January 2007 and the nine days of strike action to make 2007. "


The transport association Rhein-Ruhr ( VRR) in 2007 announced, enter the line due to disagreements with DB Regio NRW as soon as possible in the tender and due to the cuts in regional funding optimize want to. For more information, were not disclosed.

However, the traffic contract, under which the line was operated in the VRR was terminated without notice on 12 June 2008, here are operated by DB Regio NRW GmbH the train as part of an imposition by the VRR .. In the meantime, however, the RE4 is part of the planned Rhine Ruhr Express network and will first be operated for 4 years from 2020 provisionally and permanently with new vehicles from 2016.

Provision in Aachen


Exit from Aachen Hbf

Wupper Express at platform 3 in Aachen Hbf

Wupper Express at the exit from Aachen West