Rheydt Hauptbahnhof

  • Aachen - Mönchengladbach ( KBS 485)
  • Reydt - Cologne - Ehrenfeld ( KBS 465 )
  • Reydt - Dalheim ( - Antwerp) ( KBS 487)
  • Krefeld - Reydt


Reydt Central Station is the name of a railway station in Mönchengladbach 's Rheydt. The station is a through station and heard the train station to Category 4.


The station is located about 300 m south of the Marienplatz in the center of Reydt at the junction of Station Road with the companies belonging to Rheydter ring roads Moses Star Street and Wilhelm Schiffer Street. It is oriented in a north-south direction. On the east of the station railway station forecourt there is a plant stops for bus fleet. West of the station runs the center road. On this page there is another stops plant, which is used at events in North Park.



In the area of ​​Rheydter Central Station the route from Aachen to the distance from Cologne and the so-called Iron Rhine from Dalheim is linked together and leads them north towards Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof.

In the southern part of the station, the train yard, branches off from Mönchengladbach freight bypass path and meets in Viersen - Helena Brunn on the route from Mönchengladbach to Viersen.

Furthermore, there is a parking area for the trains to Wegberg -Wildenrath.


The main railway station Reydt has four platform tracks:

  • Track 1: By -propelled freight trains ( the track is only accessible from Cologne )
  • Track 2: trains in the direction of Mönchengladbach (except RB 39 and IC 1918)
  • Track 3: All trains from Mönchengladbach
  • Track 4: RB 39 from Dalheim, IC 1918 to Berlin Suedkreuz, Ein-/Ausfahrt to the marshalling yard, football special trains with connections to the shuttle buses to the Borussia - Park

The shuttle buses have their own lane in the area of the former track 5, which was mined for the bus stop.

Capital equipment

In the present station part Reydt Pbf still be two mechanical interlockings ( Rpf and Rpn ), in the train yard three (Rs, Rmf and R1). This contributed to 2007 points and signals of the stations, which until then had been fully equipped with semaphore signals. The station is now, however, connected to the electronic interlocking Grevenbroich. Since November 2007, the new Ks- signals in operation and the semaphore signals are degraded. With the mode conversion of the previously independent freight station to the station was part Reydt Gbf the main railway station, the former main railway station to the station was part Reydt Pbf.


Rail transport:

The following lines operate here:

Long-distance passenger transport:

The German railway was in October 2009 that Rheydt Central is connected to the national long-distance network the timetable change on 13 December 2009. Since then, there Friday an IC connection from Aachen to Berlin and on Sundays a connection in the opposite direction. Both trains operate Reydt Hbf.Die walkways of the main routes, since December 2009, are as follows:

On December 16, 2013 came on working days except Saturdays with IC 2222/2223 ( departure times from Rheydt Hbf 6:36 Uhr/19 11 clock ), a further connection in remote traffic added:

Both from the Marienplatz square and the train station forecourt is access to many bus lines of the NPT AG into the surrounding area ( eg by Korschenbroich, Viersen, Grefrath and Juechen ).


A curiosity is the fact that the Rheydter Hauptbahnhof is the second Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof. Once at the local government reform in 1975 after 1929 for the second time the independent city Reydt was combined with the city of Mönchengladbach, the station was not renamed by the German Federal Railroad. Mönchengladbach has since been the world's only city with two stations, which are called Central Station.

Since January 2008, is a possible renaming of the station in the discussion. The German Bahn AG, the Department of Transportation of the State of North Rhine -Westphalia and the transport association Rhein- Ruhr, in its tariff area is the station wanted to change the name of the station to the prevailing since 1975, political circumstances and him - according to the usual at DBAG conventions - Rename in Mönchengladbach Rheydt.This. This led to protests from politicians and the public, where you with the name Central Station combines a more elevated status and fears that given in accordance with an alleged demotion by renaming urgently needed investment for the renovation of the reception building and the access facilities and future degraded tracks and connections would be abolished. Also, the special status of Reydt by its own railway station and the city of Moenchengladbach is the only city with two main railway stations to be retained according to the will of some citizens. Then pledged to North-Rhine Westphalia former Transport Minister Oliver Wittke that the station would continue to bear the main railway station in the name. The City Council has the opportunity to respond to the proposals of the VRR to 28 February 2008. Currently, the name Mönchengladbach- Rheydt Central in the discussion. The main train station is also on hot Rheydt Central.