Viersen station

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  • Viersen - Venlo
  • Former Viersen - Neuss


The Viersen station is a separation station in the city of Viersen in the west of North Rhine -Westphalia.


The first Viersener station was opened by the Ruhrort - Crefeld circle Gladbach Railway Company on October 5, 1849, their railway Ruhrort - Gladbach, this was at about the level of the Krefeld Straße51.2556.3980555555556.

Only half a year later, the company was placed under " On the highest decree of March 4, 1850 " founded Royal Direction of the Aachen- Dusseldorf - Ruhrorter railroad. 1862 finally took the hitherto only rechtsrheinisch active Bergisch- Märkische Railway Company ( BME) first operational management and in 1866 both companies, which is why this is ( now non-existent ) denotes the railway station as Viersen BME station.

In the same year the BME gained with its railway line to Venlo their own access to the Dutch railway network, after their competitors, the Rheinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft ( RhE ) one year before their railway to Nijmegen and the Cologne -Minden Railway Company (CME ) even had opened ten years before their railway line to Arnhem.

On November 1, 1878, the RhE Viersen reached their railway from Neuss and built its terminus station at about the site of the present Viersener station. After the nationalization of all railway companies of all traffic in 1887 was moved to Bergisch- Märkischen railway station, the former Rhenish route to Neuss from the south connected in a wide arc to the older station, after which the Rhenish railway station was closed and demolished.

In 1917, it came with a but repeated alterations of the routes virtually to a complete reversal of the whole. The formerly rectilinear to Gladbach route was abandoned in favor of a new building road, as the disappeared, built in 1887 connecting curve.

Instead, the former Rhenish route was again reactivated and built the present railway systems with separate passenger station and freight depot at the site of the former Rhenish railway station. Now, the former Bergisch- märkische line was connected in a wide arc from the east to the new station, the old station disappeared.

Current situation

The railway line from Neuss has been shut down since 23 May 1971 after the passenger was already set on 29 September 1968.

The railway route from Venlo had despite cross-border traffic never achieved great international significance, but is still used for passenger and freight transport. Unscheduled ICE connections with Amsterdam are carried out when the direct connection via Arnhem and Duisburg (eg due to construction ) is interrupted. These trains stop but then only in Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof.

The railway line from (Duisburg ) Ruhrort had already lost a section of the national railway line Aachen -Dortmund since the establishment of Duisburg- high fields railway bridge in 1873 a part of their meaning. After setting the Ruhr place - Homberger Trajektes 1885, the northern Streckenast between ( Krefeld ) Uerdingen and (Duisburg ) Homberg was then become virtually meaningless.

Even the Prussian state railways have the railway line from ( monks ) Gladbach with the Rheinische Ruhr distance of Osterath over ( Krefeld ) Uerdingen and Duisburg- high box to Duisburg linked Hauptbahnhof, in this form, the route to this day is one of the main thoroughfares of the Lower Rhine.

Nevertheless, the track has now hardly significance for the long-distance passenger traffic. All express trains were recruited from 1992 to 2002 held inter-regional trains of the relation between Aachen and Mönchengladbach Kassel to Erfurt in Viersen.

Service offer

The station is currently operating only in the rail transport of the following regional express and regional rail lines:

Pictures of Viersen station