Kaulsdorf station

  • Prussian Eastern Railway
  • Formerly vnk route


The train station Berlin -Kaulsdorf is a railway station in the district of Kaulsdorf in Berlin's Marzahn - Heller village. The base situated therein, sub-station of the S -Bahn is a listed building.


The station went on 25 August 1869, two years after the opening of the Eastern Railway between Berlin and Kiistrin at kilometer 10.6 in operation. At first he was Caulsdorf, since 1881 Kaulsdorf. For the separation of suburban and long-distance traffic was 1901, the so-called compound according to Kaulsdorf in operation, connecting the station with the Berlin Stadtbahn. They met in the western part of the station Kaulsdorf on the Eastern Railway. The old Eastern Railway route west of Kaulsdorf and Kaulsdorf station served since then mainly suburban services. On November 6, 1928, the S-Bahn operations began after electrification of the suburban route to Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf extended until 15 December 1930. 1941, the freight from the direction of Lichtenberg was separated from the S -Bahn and moved on their own tracks.

After the Second World War there was in 1948 briefly a suburban Kaulsdorf on the vnk - distance and freight outer ring to Berlin - Grunau, but was discontinued after a few months. The electric tram operation was extended 1947/48 to Fredersdorf and Strausberg. The eastern part of vnk - way between the outer ring and Kaulsdorf was decommissioned in 1978, later was there a subway route and at the intersection with the Eastern Railway Station of Wuhletal.

1st May 2009 broke at the entrance of a train of 481 series in the Kaulsdorf station a wheel Failure to comply then called for by the Federal Railway Authority additional security checks by the S -Bahn led to severe restrictions in the S -Bahn operation.


For barrier-free opening of the railway station, a new pedestrian bridge including two elevators will be built to the northern station forecourt to the bus station located there. A continuation of the pedestrian bridge on the south side of the railway tracks is prepared, but not executed due to lack of financial resources. Construction began in July 2013 and should be completed by year-end. To this end, 1.6 million euros will be invested from the federal infrastructure acceleration program.


The small reception building is located north of the tracks. The station has an island platform for the S -Bahn, which is covered two-thirds. To the south, close to the remote tracks and the former freight transport systems. On the south side of the tracks is a 1927 designed by Richard Brademann rectifier unit for the S -Bahn, which is a listed building.


Kaulsdorf is served by the S-Bahn line S5. A and interchanges of the S-Bahn exist in the bus station to take bus 399, 164, 197 and N95 of the Berlin Transport Authority.