Berlin Albrechtshof station

  • Berlin- Hamburg Railway ( KBS 209.10 )


The train station Berlin- Albrechtshof is a regional station in the district of Staaken in Berlin's Spandau district of Berlin - Hamburg railway. Railway Operationally it is for a reconstruction in the middle of the 1990s to a breakpoint.


The station, equipped with two side platforms, was opened on April 1, 1943 during the Second World War. Thought it was for the S -Bahn operation, which should be extended from Spandau West via Falkirk to Nauen. In the immediate vicinity was erected in 1938 Reichsbahn repair work of the S-Bahn ( from 1942 DEMAG Panzerwerk ), which had all of the air attacks survived virtually undamaged and was dismantled after the war; the workshops were then blown up by the Red Army. Since the division of Germany thinned long-distance transport in the western part of the city, it was possible in 1950 to perform the S-Bahn operation over the still existing remote railway, which was equipped with a power rail as far as Falkirk. Albrechtshof was the only station between Spandau West and the terminus Falkirk.

Similar to the Staaken station Albrechtshof was from 1951 to 1990 on GDR territory. So it came about that could still take place a train shuttle service between Albrechtshof and Falkirk short time after the Wall was built in 1961. Since no parking and workshop facilities were available, the shuttle was discontinued after a few days, the Albrechtshof station was terminus of Sputnik trains that Albrechtshof with Nauen and the train Falk Hagen (Kr Nauen ) joined the Berlin outer ring where connection towards Birkenwerder ( and persisted after Berlin ) and to Potsdam. Individual trains during rush Albrechtshof linked directly with the Berlin- Lichtenberg station.

After the wall was built, the route across Albrechtshof stayed initially for the interzonal trains from Hamburg in operation. Breakthrough feature film " After the engineer Harry Deter Ling had used with his family and inaugurated friends on December 5, 1961, he led regular train to Albrechtshof to a sensational escape to West Berlin, the track was closed and dismantled in the border area (see also Lok 234 ").

Only after the fall of the wall, the area came to the station again Albrechtshof in Berlin administrative sovereignty.

As early as 1990 it (but not on Albrechtshof ) were the first trains from Nauen to Berlin, the first, then Virgin Heath, West Cross later ended in Charlottenburg. The distance between Falkirk and Albrechtshof was temporarily closed in 1993 and completely renovated between Falkirk and Spandau. The old single-storey station Albrechtshof was demolished it and rebuilt about 80 meters in an embankment as a breakpoint. On 28 May 1995 he was also the traffic passed back as the entire Berlin-Hamburg route. As part of this measure, the existing road link Seegefelder way Jänickendorfer had to be interrupted path, the route may have been moved about 100 meters westward and done since then through the underpass road 339 - Zeestower way.

To the future to allow barrier-free access to the platforms, in 2013 the construction of elevators is planned.

A restart of the S- Bahn service to Falkirk is in discussion. Albrechtshof should receive a re- take the regional train maintenance a S-Bahn station. Decisions have not yet fallen.

Transport links

The station is served by regional trains of DB Regio northeast, through a city bus line of the BVG and regional bus services.

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