Berlin-Lichterfelde Ost station

  • Hitchhiker suburban railway ( KBS 200.25 )
  • Hitchhiker mainline ( KBS 203, 204, 205, 209.32 )


The train station Berlin light field East is a regional or S-Bahn station in Berlin's Steglitz- Zehlendorf, in the district Lichterfelde. It lies on the route of the Anhalt line and the parallel pickup suburban railway.


The first Lichterfelder station was opened on 20 September 1868 the name field lights as a stop for long-distance trains and financed by the entrepreneur and city planners J. A. W. of Carstenn. The tracks of the Anhalt line were then situated at ground level, the station had a single platform. From 1876 also kept suburban trains on this platform. Built in 1881, Werner von Siemens in Lichterfelde the first electric tram in the world, the end point was outside the station. On 15 July 1884, the station in large light field was renamed after lights field, Giesensdorf and their goods had formed a community. Just two years later they large light field B. H. was what the situation called at the Berlin- Anhalt Railway (Berlin - Halle). This should avoid the confusion with the large light field B. M. Station, the West Berlin light field is called nowadays. Finally changed on January 1, 1899 once the name is case -Lichterfelde East and opened at the same time a second platform, which served the long-distance transport exclusively. 1901 went the separate tracks suburb to Berlin Potsdamer ring station in operation.

Between 1913 and 1916 the station was set high and expanded to six platform tracks ( three platforms ). In addition, there were five freight tracks. The new building according to the plans of Charles Cornelius in collaboration with Lücking received an articulated with pilasters reception building on the northwest side with a decorated with Uhrgiebel input ( after the Second World War and simplifies the steep roofs stripped ). At its continuation, there is a pedestrian tunnel, which is lit with skylights. Also on the south side it ends with a representative neoclassical portal that is provided with a tympanum and is flanked by two fluted pilasters. On the platforms there were wooden, einstilige, inwardly sloping roofs on a steel substructure, which are preserved only on the S- platform today. West of the station a road underpass between the Königsbergerstraße and the way Oberhofer were created and built a concise, four-storey, clad with brick interlocking tower built of reinforced concrete. After the incorporation of Lichterfelde in Berlin station received in 1925 the name Lichterfelde East, since 1936 it got its present name.

As early as 1903 Great light field east was served by electric suburban trains. 1929, the line was incorporated into the resulting S -Bahn after they had adapted the technical facilities and the voltage at the S -Bahn system.

With the closure of the pickup station 1952 remote platforms in Lichterfelde East went out of service, and the station was operated by the S-Bahn. Even after the S- workers ' strike in 1980 was still the line to Lichterfelde South, and only after the takeover by the BVG it was closed in 1984. In the late 1980s there were plans for a hitherto unrealized extension of the subway line U9 Lankwitz to Lichterfelde South. The line should run above ground on the former S-Bahn line.

After the reunification of the S-Bahn line were rebuilt and reopened the station with an island platform on 28 May 1995. The reopening of the mainline route was along with the implementation of the mushroom concept on 28 May 2006.


The station has three platforms: one island platform of the S -Bahn to the northwest and two non- covered side platforms of regional traffic on the southeast side. There is a downside plant for the S -Bahn, which is used for parking trains. When the local train station is in the operational sense at a breakpoint.

The former signal box is used as the eponymous café.

In the fall of 2007, the station forecourt at the Lankwitzer road was redesigned as an access road was required for the park range for the new shopping center LIO.

Regional platform

Stairway to the regional platform

Interlocking tower


The station is served by the S-Bahn line S25. In regional traffic hold three regional express lines per hour and direction.

On Kranoldplatz front of the station Several bus lines stop: The express bus X11 ( S Schoeneweide - U Dahlem-Dorf ), the Metro bus line M11 (S Schoeneweide - U Oskar- Helene-Heim ) and the lines 117 ( station Lichterfelde Ost - Kleinmachnow, lock ) 184 (S Suedkreuz - U Krumme Lanke ), 284 (S U Rathaus Steglitz - S Lichterfelde South) and N84 ( Zehlendorf oak - S U Tempelhof ).