Berlin Humboldthain station


The S-Bahn Station Humboldt Hain is a stop on the Berlin S-Bahn in the district health fountain of the district center of Berlin. It is located at kilometer 1.2 of the Szczecin track in the immediate vicinity of the Humboldthain Park.

Location and construction

The breakpoint is located between the North Station and the Gesundbrunnen in a cutting west of the public park. The 177 -meter-long middle platform is covered about halfway with a single-row riveted steel construction and is located on the outskirts of Szczecin railway tracks. The platform is accessible at the south end via two access stairs and lift accessible from the Meadow road.

The station building is located on the southern side of the street Wiesenstraße. The main hall is built in the style of New Objectivity in the form of a regular heptagon. Among her other service rooms are located in two floors. The exterior walls were originally plastered verklinkert and were mainly after the Second World War. The interior is lit by skylights and gave yellow ceramic tiles for cladding.

The high road, north-west parallel to the suburban tracks is supported from the station to the Humboldt bridge from a 1895 built row of arcades. On the side of the remote tracks to grove out Humboldt getreppte a retaining wall was built during the construction of the S-Bahn station.

The system consisting of station building, platform and the retaining wall is listed as a historic landmark in the Berlin state monument list.


For the first time required was the construction of the station in 1898 for the Municipal Building deputation, as the pressure by the General Electric Company to build a connection to the suburban railway tracks of the Szczecin station was getting stronger. During the negotiations with the Royal Railway Directorate Berlin for making a stitch tunnel from Szczecin tunnel considerations have been raised due to significant cost savings to build a station in Humboldt grove. It was estimated around 75,000 marks for the construction of the bus stop opposite 330,000 mark for the construction of the stitch tunnel. The template for the construction of the station on 18 November 1898 ( 1574 B. II 98) was rejected by the Minister of Public Works of Charles Thielen on May 12, 1899.

The S-Bahn station was built from 8 January 1934 at the course of the construction of the North-South S -Bahn to open up the surrounding residential areas and the People's Park. Since the existing environment was partly heavily built up, stood for the establishment of the station is little grounds. The platform therefore had to be built in a curve. The meadow bridge was rebuilt and the north-western pillar about ten meters set back. The station building was built on a small open area west of the Meadow Bridge, the footbridge to the platform is applied in accordance with nooks and crannies of its location.

After little more than a year of construction, the opening took place on 1 January 1935. Trains first went to Szczecin suburban station, before they were passed from 27 July 1936, the north-south tunnel.

In April 1945, it came to the war-related adjustment of the S- Bahn service in Berlin. The operation was carried out from June 1945 the first with steam-powered commuter trains, a short time later held back electric trains on the platform. Since the selfsame was impossible to blow up the tunnel ceiling of the north-south tunnel under the Landwehr Canal, a driving, wrong the first trains to Stettin Station (now North Station ). As of January 31, 1946 was the gradual reopening of the tunnel.

Through the Wall in August 1961 and the events on the boycott of the Berlin S-Bahn passenger numbers declined rapidly as the station throughout the West Berlin S- Bahn network, and the plants were left to decay. The Reichsbahn handed over on 9 January 1984 from its operating rights to the S -Bahn in West Berlin at the Berlin Transport Authority, which ceased a majority of the routes for their ailing condition. On 1 May 1984 the station including the north-south line was opened from pickup station to healthy well again. The required renovation then took place after German reunification, along with the north-south tunnel between the 2nd of April 1991, 1 March 1992. In December 2011, a lift and a second stair access was put into operation.


The S-Bahn station is served by lines S1, S2 and S25, the S- Bahn Berlin. There is an interchange with bus line 247 to the Berlin public transport.

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