Berlin Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik station

  • Kremmener train ( KBS 200.25 )


The Berlin Karl -Bonhoeffer -Nervenklinik station is both S - and U- train station near the same mental hospital in the district Reinickendorf of the district of the same. The grounds of the Karl- Bonhoeffer- mental hospital is connected to the Berlin rapid transit network since the end of the 19th century. Metro Station, on line U8 in operation since 1994 and, although the S- platform approximately 200 meters west of the metro entrance is counted as a transfer station.

S-Bahn station

The S-Bahn station dates from the late 19th century and replaced it opened a branch line of the horse-drawn tram to the institution from which was established shortly after the hospital opened to facilitate family visits. It lies on the Kremmener train and was taken on October 1, 1893 following the opening of the section of the railway line from Schönholz to Velten in operation. Initially these were designated the station Dalldorf ( Kremmener train) after the former name of the present-day municipality of Berlin hamlet Wittenau.

In 1905 the Prussian state railways could build a new, high- set middle platform, and there were now two railway tracks in the station. On 1 January 1906, the station received at the renaming Dalldorfs in Wittenau the name Wittenau ( Kremmener train ), the parentheses remained in the station name to avoid confusion with the existing since 1877 at the Berlin train station Wittenau Northern Railway.

With the beginning of electrification of suburban railways in the Berlin area in the 1920s, went from 1927, the Red- yellow S -Bahn trains on the Kremmener train to Berlin suburb Velten. Kremmen itself, after the Kremmener track is named, the S-Bahn but never reached.

End of April 1945, the Reichsbahn their S -Bahn operation, until July 19, drove back first trains on the route, though still with steam. After the wall was built, the S-Bahn trains had stopped running to Velten or Hennigsdorf terminus was already Heiligensee. Even the S -Bahn strike in 1980 lasted the distance, the Reichsbahn was still yet to be convinced to be able to operate the route makes sense. It was not until 1984, after the operating rights went to the Berlin public transport, the S-Bahn has ceased operations.

Only with the reopening of the S -Bahn from Schönholz to Tegel on May 28, 1995, the station - again put into operation - now called Karl- Bonhoeffer- psychiatric clinic. The Grade II listed former railway station building from 1893 has on its facade to this day the old name Wittenau on ( Kremm. train) and is now used as a restaurant. The station is operated in 20 -minute intervals from the line S25 of Teltow Stadt Hennigsdorf, only one of two original tracks is in operation.

In the next few years to redevelop the section of line between Schönholz and Tegel is necessary. In this part of the reconstruction of the second S -Bahn track and the introduction of a 10 -minute cycle is scheduled to Tegel. The platform of the S-Bahn station is to be installed closer to the subway station with additional entrances on both sides of Ollenhauerstraße to shorten transfer distances and to open up the area better. In the period 2015/2016 the installation of a lift is planned for the production of a barrier-free access.

Subway station

Metro Station Karl- Bonhoeffer- Psychiatric Hospital is located on the underground line U8 and was opened on 29 September 1994 in the course of their northern range extension from Paracelsus-Bad U- train station to train station Wittenau. In 1987, the construction start was originally scheduled for 1992 but was delayed by the respected as an urgent reconstruction efforts in the Berlin U- Bahn network after reunification.

The metro station was, like the other three at the same time opened stations, Rainer G. Rümmler designed. The walls of the supported by rectangular columns concourse as well as the columns themselves are clad in light brown and red bricks, which (among other things the current administration building ) are based in their arrangement and color of the facades of the old hospital buildings. The station has from the central intermediate level over a number of outputs, including one almost immediately at the entrance of the hospital. There is a lift since the opening of the subway station also.


The station is served by the S-Bahn line S25 and the U8 subway. There is a transfer possibility to bus routes X21, M21 and N8 of the Berlin Transport Authority.

Pictures of Berlin Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik station