Lindauer Allee (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Lindauer Allee is below the eponymous street at the Berlin U -Bahn U8 in the Berlin district of Reinickendorf district of the same. The metro station Paracelsus-Bad he is 678 meters from Karl -Bonhoeffer -Nervenklinik station 603 meters away. In the station list of the BVG he is called Ld

History and Structure

The station was opened U8 Maerkisches towards district on September 24, 1994, together with the previously last extension of the line.

Contrary to all other stations of U8 has this side platforms, both of which are accessible both by stairs, as well as on inclined elevators and thus. Escalators, however, do not exist.

Like all stations on this part of the track has a colorful design of the station. With her ​​architect Rainer G. Rümmler took each reference to the name or the surrounding area and chose here overlooking the linden tree in the coat of arms of the eponymous for the Lindauerstraße city the colors green, purple, light blue and yellow.

Another unusual feature is the gallery from which the entire station can be overlooked.


At the metro station is a transfer possibility from the U8 to bus line 322 of the Berlin Transport Authority.