Berlin-Wittenau station

  • Berliner Northern Railway ( KBS 200.1, 200.85 )


The Wittenau railway station is a station on the Berlin S- and U -Bahn. It is located in the town district Wittenau. The full name of the S-Bahn station is Berlin -Wittenau ( Wilhelmsruher dam ), previously Wittenau ( Northern Railway ). This distinction was necessary until mid-1995 in order to leave no confusion with the station Wittenau ( Kremmener train). When it was reopened in 1995 under the name Karl- Bonhoeffer- Psychiatric Hospital, the addition was superfluous, however, remained to this day.

The S-Bahn station located on Berlin's northern runway, where the lines S1 and S85 hold. In operation Jobs Directory of station bears the initials BWIN.

The located at the south entrance of the S-Bahn subway station of line U8 is below the Wilhelmsruher dam which gave the station name and its addition.

S-Bahn station

The station was opened under the name Dalldorf (up to 1905), together with the railway line on 10 July 1877. The track was at the time still largely single track, until 1891 was added a second remote track. A second pair of tracks was added in 1912 to separate the remote from suburban traffic. The suburban railways were finally electrified in 1925 as the second track in the Berlin area with power rails, the train stopped feeder.

After the Second World War, the route was, including the railway to ever reduced a track. A passing loop to cross the trains was not preserved, only one station on Waidmannslust station was a set up. Due to the S-Bahn boycott as a result of the Wall avoided many potential passengers the train and went to the transport of the LOB to the operation leading Reichsbahn entertained the track and its facilities, major investments under remained.

With the acquisition of operating rights of the S -Bahn in West Berlin by the Senate on 9 January 1984, the line was immediately shut down, even if only for now. After protests from the passenger federations the distance between healthy well and Frohnau was in the same year, on 1 October 1984, for operation again. To increase the capacity of the northern section, also this was expanded to double track back to 1986, which Wittenau back received his second main track. For this, the section north Waidmannslust in 1985 was temporarily shut down again. During this time, the extended south platform also received an exit to Wilhelmsruher dam to allow the transfer traffic to buses towards Maerkisches district and also to the then still planned subway. Around the same time ignited the debate about the future name of the station. The main reason was the extension of the metro line U8, which should have a station in Wittenau. Since the plans dated from the period before the acquisition of the S -Bahn, BVG chose for their Metro Station name Wilhelmsruher dam for deliberate demarcation. After 1984 this name was then provided for the S-Bahn station, but was not adopted. Only the additional Wilhelmsruher dam sheet since the station signs.

Subway station

Since the construction of the Mark Brandenburg district in the 1960s, a connection to the subway was planned. Mid-1980s, an extension of the U8 line was then decided. This should now swing Wittenau and traverse the märkische quarter of the west. But the present terminus Wittenau the U8 was opened at Wittenau S-Bahn station and handed over for operation on 29 September until 24 September 1994.

The subway station was designed by architect Rainer G. Rümmler. He received, in the style of the other in the 1980s, built in Berlin subway stations, colorful tiles, here mainly in the colors green and yellow. The patterns on the columns reminiscent of trees that support the ceiling. The station is located under the Wilhelmsruher dam and received a transition to the S-Bahn.

An extension of the U8 towards the east in the district into märkische is planned, but because of the tight budgetary situation of Berlin, it is unlikely until further notice.

Planned regional station

In the medium-term planning of the Berlin Senate ( 2025 ), the station is to be extended by a local train station. The German railway is currently reviewing the necessary reconstruction of the mainline tracks of Berlin's northern railway between healthy well and birch Werder.


The station is served by lines S1 and S85 of the S -Bahn and the U8 subway. Most of the bus lines to which a transfer possibility is to provide a connection to the märkische district.