Berlin Mexikoplatz station

  • Wannseebahn ( KBS 200.1 )


The Berlin Mexico Train Station is located in the southwestern Berlin district of Zehlendorf, and is served by the S1 line of the Berlin S-Bahn. The Art Nouveau station with its distinctive dome is now a protected monument. In operation Jobs Directory Berlin- Mexikoplatz is run as BMEX.


Built by the architect Gustav Hart (1864-1929), the railway station on 1 November 1904 opened under the name Zehlendorf -Beer Street. Seven years later, on December 15, 1911, followed by the first name change in Zehlendorf -West. On May 15, 1933, the station was converted to electric traction.

An interesting detail is an elaborate dress in a manner in wrought iron emblem with the letters " KPEV " on the railway bridge. The letters of this once widespread in different variants emblem stand for the Royal Prussian Railroad Administration, bringing the membership was shown to the Prussian state railways.

The bridge was reviewed as one of the first in Germany in March 1934 with the help of the X - bridge measuring turn, where under the paint adhered to Schlosserkitt welds were discovered. The reconstruction of the bridge railing with decorative coat of arms was made in connection with the recovery of the entire system space on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Berlin in 1987 by the architectural firm Stuhlemmer.

End of the 1950s was the second rename. As of September 28, 1958 was called the Lindenthaler Allee station. On September 18, 1980, the station was shut down after the strike of the kingdom workers.

On 1 February 1985, the station was opened by the BVG again. Two years later, in January 1987, was the third, still valid today renamed Mexico City Rail Station. The eponymous place got its present name already on 23 September 1959. Meanwhile, the notation Mexicoplatz ( "c" ) was used by the SNB.

On 1 June 2001, the Federal Railroad Fund sold the station building at two Berlin businessmen. The station 's own bookstore, an institution with 25 years of tradition, the regularly scheduled readings and discussion forums in the hall was closed. The citizens' initiative Kulturbahnhof Mexikoplatz sat unsuccessfully for the preservation of the station " as a cultural meeting point " a.


After the planned extension of the line U3 Mexikoplatz station would win as a transfer point between the S-Bahn ( Wannseebahn ) and the subway in importance. Despite the commit in land use plans, the implementation of the plan is uncertain. It is planned that the trains on the underground train station end on the platform and go back from there, similar to the Ruhleben station ( U2) and at the Innsbruck court ( U4). The downside plant at Krumme Lanke station to keep. A possible further extension of the line U3 Mexikoplatz towards Kleinmachnow addition, it was abandoned due to the predicted low ridership.


The S-Bahn station is navigated by the S1 S-Bahn during the Old Wannseebahn. There is a transit traffic to the bus lines of the Berlin Transport Authority and the Havelbus transport company.