Berlin-Karow station

  • Szczecin railway ( 200.2 )
  • Goods outer ring ( KBS 209.27 )


The train station Berlin -Karow is a regional and suburban rail station in the Berlin district of Pankow district Karow. The station is run as BKAR ( mainline ) and for the S -Bahn as BKRW in the official railroad operating locations directory. The tracks 3 and 4 used to transport passengers of the S- Bahn and regional trains ending in Karow the Niederbarnimer railway, while the tracks 1 and 2 are used by the long-distance and regional trains and for freight. These tracks have no platforms and are therefore only used for crossings. 3s track is a siding, can be parked in the short trains. For longer turnaround times of trains from Basdorf the platform track can be driven temporarily free for the S-Bahn.


The station, initially referred to as Carow, was established on 15 November 1882 the Szczecin railway. From here went to Berlin suburban trains and in the opposite direction to Bernau. Between 1911 and 1916 the railway was extended up to Bernau to four tracks. In addition to the platform, the remote tracks were re-routed so that the suburban traffic on Karow could be done separately. The measure should also provide the basis for the electrical equipment on the suburban tracks; this was realized on August 8, 1924.

After the Second World War, the second track of each district or suburb railroad was dismantled and shipped to the Soviet Union. Since Karow was no alternative location, the western track was dismantled here. In 1950, a link to the Berlin northern runway over Basdorf was built to drive around West Berlin, which branched off in Karow train station Szczecin railway. A few years later than other, more efficient bypass of the Berlin outer ring, the south of the station Karow in the so-called Karower Cross crossed the Szczecin railway. From Berlin- Karow train station originated connecting curves to the outer ring in both directions.

After the construction of the Berlin Wall, the trains of Heidekrautbahn used the connection between Basdorf and Karow and passed the station at first through the remote tracks to end a station in Blankenburg later. Since 1976, these trains end held in Blankenburg already in Karow, who built specifically for this platform trains in Blankenburg was demolished. Here they hold to this day on the same platform as the trains of the Berlin S-Bahn. For a long time the plan was the conversion of the route of Karow to Basdorf and the subsequent Heidekrautbahn to Wandlitzsee into an electric commuter train.

Since July 7, 2010, the station has at its north end via a second, barrier-free access and a new station forecourt with the terminal loop. The new building was funded by the State of Berlin and the stimulus package I of the federal government. In this context, a new reactive control system was installed and updated the platform lighting.

On cross Karower a new tower station for regional trains and S-Bahn ( S2 ) is to be produced for the regional train to stop there for the stop in Karow train station omitted. This is, however, dependent on the further expansion of Szczecin railway in this section. A Construction is expected at the earliest in 2015.


The station can be reached with the Rb27 the Niederbarnimer railway line S2 of the Berlin S- Bahn and take bus number 350 of the LPP.


On April 16, 2009, compared 22:17 clock of about 80 km / h drove rapid Regional Express 38399 Schwedt when passing through the station track 2 on the freight train FTZ 53185 from the PCK refinery, which with only about 40 km / h in the same direction drove. His 24 with liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG) tank cars filled stopped the load. The first car of the regional train was partially shifted to the electric locomotive, two cars derailed and were badly damaged. The damage was estimated at around 800,000 euros. Of the 24 occupants of the Regional Express eleven passengers were easy, the train driver was seriously injured. The duty traffic also came with a shock to the hospital.

Before the accident, the freight train slowed down in the area of track 2 between the input and the exit signal of the station up to around 10 km / h. The driver had noticed that the route was set incorrectly - the train should be diverted due to construction, which was not taken into account by the Dispatcher. After correction of the travel path of the dispatcher noted, however, both the exit signal before the freight train as well as the entry signal behind the train to ride. This accelerated the following Regional-Express and drove a short time later on the freight train.

In September 2011, the Dispatcher of negligent injury was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of 1750 euros.

Pictures of Berlin-Karow station