Berlin-Wedding station

  • Ring road (km 2.5 )
  • U6 ( 7.7 km )


The train station Berlin-Wedding is a city fast and underground railway station in the Berlin district of Wedding of the district center. It is located at the junction of the ring road with the miller road and is served by the lines S41 and S42 of the S -Bahn and the U6 line of the Berlin U -Bahn.

S-Bahn station

The S-Bahn station is located at kilometer 2.5 of the Berlin ring road and is located between the road and the Müller Reinickendorfer road with exits on both streets. The platform has a height of 96 centimeters and a length of 160 meters. The entire system from the train station, Ring Viaduct and the reception building at the Reinickendorfer road at the height of Nettelbeck place are listed buildings.

The station was opened on 1 May 1872 and is one of the oldest along the ring road. The track has been set up in the years 1889/1890 and expanded from two to four lanes. Here were created as in the rail viaduct arches. The necessary premises and the reception building were integrated into it. 1911/1912 the facility was added to an output for Müllerstraße. Since February 1, 1929, the electric suburban trains were at the station, from which on December 1, gave rise to the Berlin S-Bahn.

Planning for the "World Capital Germania " saw a major expansion of the ring road and the construction of a passenger station north between the suburban railway stations of Wedding and Putlitzstraße (now West Harbour ) before. The suburban tracks of the train should be routed along the ring road on the inside. The plans never came to execution.

As a result of the second Empire workers strike of traffic on September 18, 1980, set. The reopening of the S-Bahn station was carried to the ring rail end on 15 June 2002. 's Day was celebrated in accordance with the station name as " Wedding Day ". With the reopening of the platform was moved to the west to allow a better transition to the U6. The old approach from the east, there is still, but is further removed by the laying out of the platform.

Carbon station

Early 1880s the carbon Wedding Train was put into operation, which was specially erected for the discharge of the surrounding neighborhoods. He lay west of the station at the Wedding Fennstraße and had seven - transversely to the ring road - Endladegleise. Under these crash tracks were the bins for coal.

Subway station

Metro Station was opened in the course of construction of the urban north-south railway on 8 March 1923 under the name Station Wedding. The design matched the pattern of the other subway stations of line. The walls were white held each green frame, the structures and supports were also decorated in green, the 80 meter long center platform was paved. North of the metro station a single-track reversing facility has been set up, they could take a 5 -car train of type B.

1971/1972 the platform was extended to the south to a length of 110 meters, to allow the use of 6-car trains. The walls were doing the still existing today brown tiles. The additional station was omitted. South of the station a second reversing facility was built for a 6-car train.


In addition to the lines S41 and S42 of the S -Bahn and the U6 metro Metro bus line M27 stops at the station.