London Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society (LMS ) is the leading mathematicians Association in England.


The Association was founded on 16 January 1865. Its first president was Augustus De Morgan, Professor of Mathematics at University College London, with which the company was initially connected. However, the initiative came from De Morgan's son George and his friend Arthur Ranyard from. The earliest meetings were also held in University College, but soon afterwards drew the company to Burlington House, Piccadilly, to, headquarters of the Royal Academy of Arts. The LMS there had a single room as a "guest " of the Royal Astronomical Society. The first activities of the Association were lectures and the publication of a scientific journal.

The LMS was used as a model at the foundation of the American Mathematical Society ( AMS) in 1888.

The company was established in 1965, given a century after its founding, a Royal Charter as a statute. 1998 drew the union of their rooms at Burlington House in the De Morgan House in order to accommodate employees and lecture rooms can. The De Morgan House is located at 57-58 Russell Square, Bloomsbury. There they are again in the vicinity of University College, whose lecture rooms they use.

President of the LMS is Angus J. Macintyre (as of 2010).


The LMS publishes books and annual reports. Furthermore, she organizes mathematical conventions, granted funds to promote research and education in mathematics and award some prizes and scholarships for outstanding mathematical research.


The listed prices are:

Additionally, the Company every three years gives together with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications which David Crighton Medal.


Almost all the presidents of the London Mathematical Society were also members ( " Fellows ") of the Royal Society. The only exception was the very first President Augustus De Morgan, who refused membership in the Royal Society. The first six presidents of the London Mathematical Society were all already in the first year become members thereof.