Longueuil is a city in the Canadian province of Québec. It is located on the St. Lawrence River on the border to Montreal, in the administrative region of Montérégie. It is the third largest city in the Greater Montreal, the fifth largest in the province of Quebec and nine tenth largest city in Canada. 2006, the city had around 229 330 inhabitants. 2011, the population rose to 231 409. The city is divided into three districts. Vieux- Longueuil, Saint- Hubert and Greenfield Park.


Charles le Moyne ( August 2, 1626 to February 1685), the lord of Longueuil, founded the city in 1657.

Geography and climate

Longueuil has an area of ​​approximately 115.59 square kilometers. The city is bordered to the east to the cities of Saint- Lambert and Brossard to the west, at Boucherville, Saint- Bruno -de- Montarville in the south and the Saint Lawrence River and Montreal to the north. Longueuil is located approximately 7 kilometers south of Montreal on the Saint Lawrence River directly.

The climate in Longueuil is comparable to that in Montreal or in Central Europe. However, Longueuil has a longer winter period which may extend from November to March. Between April and May, followed by the brief spring, up to higher temperatures in the summer months between June and late August. This is followed by the short autumn from September to October.

Economy and infrastructure

Because of its location near the metropolis Montreal, many residents are employed there. The economy is strongly influenced by the aerospace industry, which is valid for Longueuil and also for the rest of the province of parts. Among the larger companies in the city include, inter alia, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Héroux - Devtek. The Canadian Space Agency Canadian Space Agency is headquartered at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in the city. Pratt & Whitney Canada and the Canadian Space Agency have their headquarters at Saint -Hubert Airport. In addition, further research and development facilities are located in the city. In Longueuil there are several malls and other shopping streets in the city center. The largest shopping mall is the Place Longueuil Mall, with around 140 local shops, restaurants and cafe's. Other malls are located in the other districts, as well as in Montreal.

Public institutions

For public safety, the police officers of the Service de police de Longueuil are approximately 566 officers, among others responsible for Boucherville, Saint- Lambert, Longueuil. Furthermore, is added the Canadian federal police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP ).

In Longueuil there are several hospitals, the largest being the Charles- Lemoyne Hospital and the Pierre- Boucher Hospitality Centre.



In the city there are several schools, secondary schools and universities. The Université de Sherbrooke and Université de Montréal have campuses in Vieux- Longueuil district. At the Université de Sherbrooke approximately 35,000 students studying in various bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs. At the Université de Montréal, there are approximately 55,000 students.

Furthermore, there are other training centers for technical areas in the city that Pierre- Dupuy Professional Formation Centre and the Collège Info - Technique.


The public, English-language schools subject to state supervision of the Riverside School Board. This operates two schools in the city, these include the Centennial Regional High School in Greenfield Park and Heritage Regional High School in Saint -Hubert.

The French-language public schools are under state supervision by the Commission scolaire Marie- Victorin. Overall, the Authority operates seven secondary schools in Longueuil. These include École secondaire International St -Edmond and the École secondaire l' Agora Participative these are located in Greenfield Park, École secondaire André- Laurendeau the École secondaire Mgr and AM Parent located in Saint -Hubert. Furthermore, the École secondaire Gérard - Filion, École secondaire Jacques -Rousseau and the École secondaire St- Jean -Baptiste located in Vieux- Longueuil.

In addition, there are other private educational institutions. Among them:

  • Cégep Édouard - Montpetit
  • École nationale d' aérotechnique
  • CDI College
  • Champlain Regional College


  • Canadian Space Agency ( CSA)

Twin Cities

  • Canada Canada, Whitby, Ontario
  • United States United States, Lafayette, Louisiana


As most residents of the city to work in Montreal and there are only five bridges over the St. Lawrence River, it often leads to traffic jams. Longueuil is also connected by a subway line with Montreal. In addition, Longueuil has the Aéroport de St- Hubert has its own airport.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Paul Pratt (1894-1967), composer, clarinetist and pianist, conductor and music teacher
  • Yves Daoust ( born 1946 ), composer
  • Benoît Brière (born 1965 ), actor
  • Francois Groleau (born 1973 ), ice hockey player
  • Jean -Philippe Paré ( born 1979 ), ice hockey player
  • Marilou Bourdon (* 1990), singer
  • Joël Chouinard (* 1990), ice hockey player