Lower Hesse

Lower Hesse is a historical name given to an area in the northern Hesse (Northern Hessen).

The term Lower Hesse was born in the Middle Ages for the so-called " low Principality " of the country county of Hesse, which was separated by the county goats grove to 1450 the so-called "Upper Principality " (Upper Hesse). It covered the area at lower Fulda, Eder, Schwalm, Werra and the Upper Weser Kassel with the residence, and including the cities (Efze ), Melsungen and Rotenburg an der Fulda.

After the division of the county of Hesse country after the death of Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous in 1567, the area was the heartland of the new Hesse- Kassel.

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