The LR5 is a manned rescue submarine, which is used to rescue the crew of a sunken submarine. Until it was replaced by the multinational NSRs in 2009, it was used by the Royal Navy ( RN ) held in Scotland in readiness. Since 2009 it is leased by the Royal Australian Navy ( RAN) from a private provider.


The Royal Navy kept the LR5 in Renfrew, Scotland in constant readiness to respond in case of need quickly. Over longer distances, it would have been air-transportable by C-17 of the Royal Air Force ( RAF). The operating mode of the boat was carried out by James Fisher Defence Ltd ( JFD ). Since the multinational NSRs has been operational since 2009, the LR5 was sold to the operators JFD. This operates the boat now in order for the RAN on a permanent basis. The private boat the RAN, the Remora was dropped in 2006 and could not meet the requirements, despite restoration.


The LR5 can absorb in a single dive in addition to their crew of three men for up to 16 men from an up to 400 m lying submerged submarine.

The 9.2 m long and 3 m wide submarine consists mostly of steel. Some parts, however, are also made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and acrylic.

The drive consists of two electric motors powered by batteries, which drive two three -bladed screws. The charge of the batteries last for 6-10 hours of operating time. The maximum speed is 2.5 knots.

The equipment include various underwater cameras, underwater phones as well as a sonar. In addition, various scissors can be carried, which up to 89 mm can cut through thick steel cables depending on the model.