LSA is an abbreviation for:

  • Country Schülerausschuss
  • Higher Social Committee ( in South Tyrol)
  • Latent Semantic Analysis, in Information Technology, a search method in large data sets
  • Later Stone Age, the African Upper Paleolithic
  • Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus, a skin disease, see Lichen sclerosus
  • Traffic signal
  • Light Sport Aircraft, a class of light aircraft
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • Link State Advertisement, a term used in network technology
  • Link State Algorithm, an algorithm in the network technology
  • Life Style Artist, people who deal firmly with personality development, differentiation from PUA ( Pickup Artist)
  • Local Security Authority, a security system of Microsoft Windows
  • Solder, screw and no stripping connection technology, see Cutting terminal
  • London Debt Agreement
  • Cavity wall ties
  • Lysergic acid amide, a chemical compound, see Ergin

LSA as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Germany: Sachsen- Anhalt, state government and parliament

LS -A is the abbreviation of:

  • Maseru (District), ISO -3166 -2 code of Lesotho district
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