Lycos Europe


  • Fred Wilsdorf (CEO)
  • Michael Seiger (CTO )

Lycos Europe (Prime Standard: LCY / Nouveau Marché: 5770 ), headquartered in Haarlem, the Netherlands was the operator of a European Internet portal, consisting of a network of websites in seven languages. The portal provided a combination of search engine, web directory, communication services, content channels, Web sites hosting and online community. The company has offices in Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Switzerland.

The subsidiary Lycos UK Ltd. , Lycos France Sarl, Pangora SAS, Lycos Armenia CJSC, Lycos Italia Srl, Lycos Espana Int. Serv SL, Lycos NetherlandsBV, Yarps Telecom Network AB (Sweden), Home SE AB ( Sweden) and Odina Sverige AB ( Sweden) are currently being resolved. After this step is completed, to the Jubii Europe GmbH and the Jubii Eastern Europe GmbH ( both headquartered in Gütersloh ) will also be liquidated.

The word comes from the Greek lycos meaning wolf. The company name is derived from the scientific name of wolf spiders ( Lycosidae ), an allusion to the name spider ( spider) web crawlers. The name can also be understood onomatopoeic: like us (English as we did) to emphasize togetherness. Trademark is now a black Labrador. Previously (1999, as was in August eclipse ) was the hallmark of a total solar eclipse in the colors black and blue.

The Lycos brand is the property of American Lycos, Inc., which still offers Internet services under this name.


The Lycos Europe was founded as a joint venture of Bertelsmann AG, the American Lycos, Inc.. CEO of Lycos Europe was 1997-2009 Christoph Mohn, the Bertelsmann belongs to the owner family.

In the years 1999 and 2000, Lycos acquired the search engine Fireball and Paperball, the free e-mail service mail and Fire Fire Card by Gruner Jahr and led the services continued in his daughter FIREBALL NETSEARCH GmbH. June 1, 2004 Lycos converted the free e-mail service to mail Fire in fee-based service " Lycos Mail ," which was set in 2009.

In January 2004, Lycos acquired 100 % stake in the domain registrar united- domains AG, Starnberg. Additionally, Lycos involved in the so-called Worldsbiggestchat, a chat community developed in Denmark. Lycos worked in terms of chat in Germany with Yahoo! and T-Online together.

2007 brought Lycos Europe, the Internet platform Jubii at the start. Jubii had been bought as a leading Internet portal in Denmark in 2000, with global brand names.

Telefónica was the LE Holding Corporation, a subsidiary of Telefónica, owned by nearly one-third of the shares. Bertelsmann held 20 and Christoph Mohn around 12 percent of the shares. The remaining shares, 35 percent, were in free float. The two main shareholders are unable to find buyers for Lycos for a costly first half of 2008 the company.

In November 2008, Lycos Europe has decided to disband. Parts of the company were sold, the remaining set. At an Extraordinary General Meeting on 12 December it was decided to pay 50 million euros to shareholders from the remaining cash on December 19. 13 December 2008 Lycos Europe announced the domain business with more than 1 million domains for 34 million euros to the United Internet Group to sell. In mid-January 2009, it was announced that on February 15, 2009, all E -mail accounts will be closed. Originally, the European version of a web hosting service called Tripod should be mitgeschlossen. Instead, however, was Tripod for February 15, 2009 taken over by the company hosting conversis GmbH and operated. The new owner then began providing Tripod Europe under the brand name Multimania originally used in France. Another service the company Lycos Lycos iQ called, a knowledge community where users ask any questions and could answer ( after registration ), was sold in mid-2009 to Hubert Burda Media and renamed in October 2009 COSMiQ.

Since the rights to use the brand Lycos expired with the year 2010, the Company changed your name in Jubii Europe NV.


Lycos offered, inter alia, a free web hosting service called Tripod; this was compared to a regular, to be paid webhosts some limitations (for example advertising or a MySQL database with partially restricted rights ).

Since early 2006, was the service Lycos iQ online, a knowledge community where users ask any questions and can answer ( after registration ). Mid-2009 Lycos iQ was sold to Hubert Burda Media and renamed in October 2009 COSMiQ.