M. M. Kaye

Mary Margaret ( Molly ) Kaye ( born August 21, 1908 in Shimla, India, † January 29, 2004 in Lavenham ) was a British author who has spent her childhood in India. Kaye won worldwide success with their bestselling Palace of Winds, which was also filmed.


Mary M. Kaye was born as the daughter of an English family in Shimla and grew up to the age of ten on in India until she was sent to England to attend a British school. Her family history was and remained with the history of India deeply rooted, which is also reflected in their historical novels advantage. She returned back to India in 1926 and married an officer of the colonial forces. After India's independence from Great Britain her husband, Major - General Goff Hamilton, the British Army joined. Kaye then followed her husband, inter alia, to Kenya, Zanzibar, Egypt, Cyprus and Germany. She made a series of detective novels in the countries act, she met this way.


Besides, it also has several children's books and picture books written and illustrated by some as MM Kaye or Mollie Kaye.