Maariv (newspaper)

Maariw or Ma'ariv (Hebrew מעריב: the Introductory evening, that is evening newspaper ) is one of the most widely read Israeli newspapers.

The first issue was published on 15 February 1948. Founder of the newspaper was a native of Leipzig journalist Ezriel Carlebach. He was chief editor of the newspaper until his death in 1956.

Today, the family Nimrodi has a controlling interest and Yaakov Nimrodi acts as its chairman. The chief editor of Amnon Dankner is Maariw.

The newspaper, which is known for emotional headings to-date news, sees itself as politically independent and non-partisan, but mostly the comments take a moderately conservative position.

Significant current and former employees

  • Amnon Dankner - Editor in Chief
  • Josef Lapid - Editor in Chief
  • Dan Margalit - political journalist
  • Ben Kaspit - political reporter
  • Ben Dror Yemini - journalist, mainly on anti-Semitism; covering activities left and right extremist groups on
  • Amnon Rubinstein - writer, mainly on anti-Semitism
  • Amir Rapeport - Military Reporters
  • Rubik Rosenthal - the Hebrew language ( הזירה הלשונית )
  • Inge
  • Ephraim Kishon - Columnist
  • Ben Blessed - former Austria - correspondent (now Israel correspondent for the ORF )
  • Shraga Har -Gil - Journalist
  • Uri Dan - Former French correspondent of the leaf, confidant of Ariel Sharon
  • Gadi Taub - political columnist