Macrococcus is a genus of bacteria. The type species is Macrococcus equipercicus.


Representatives of Macrococcus spherical or kokkenförmig and occur in pairs, tetrads ( composites of 4 cells ), partly also, individually or in Kettenkokken on. The diameter is 0.74 to 2.5 microns. Macrococcus is only weakly facultative anaerobes, but shows the greatest growth under aerobic conditions. Catalase - and oxidase test is positive. The genus is resistant to the protective against bacterial enzyme lysozyme. Also, the antibiotic bacitracin has no effect. Some species reduce nitrate, for example, M. caseolyticus.

This genus can be of Staphylococcus inter alia, by the higher GC content ( 38-45 %), distinguish the absence of teichoic acid in the cell wall and the usually larger cells. Further Macrococcus most staphylococci is oxidase -positive, negative. Macrococcus can be found in the natural micro flora of horses and cattle.


Macrococcus belongs to the family Staphylococcaceae the order Bacillales. The following types are known:

  • Macrococcus bovicus Kloos et al. 1998
  • Macrococcus Brunensis Mannerová et al. 2003
  • Macrococcus carouselicus Kloos et al. 1998
  • Macrococcus caseolyticus ( Schleifer et al., 1982) Kloos et al. 1998
  • Macrococcus equipercicus Kloos et al. 1998
  • Macrococcus hajekii Mannerová et al. 2003
  • Macrococcus Lamae Mannerová et al. 2003