Made for Each Other (1939 film)

An ideal pair ( Original: Made for Each Other ) is an American film drama starring James Stewart and Carole Lombard from the year 1939.


John Horace Mason is a young lawyer in New York City. Mason marries the attractive Jane, to the dismay of his boss Judge Doolittle, who had just as John expected mother that he marries Doolittle's daughter Eunice. Thus starts their married life equal with a large mortgage. After a brief honeymoon they move into their own apartment. There she awaits the next difficulty: Johns supercritical mother moves in with them. The talented lawyer John makes hope for a partnership in Judge Doolittle's law firm, but it passed over. After the birth of the Son of the financial situation of the small family is difficult. However, the discussion with Judge Doolittle for a raise the old fox turns into a reduction in salary. Jane is now forced to look for work. The marriage is in crisis. Finally, New Year's Eve it comes to the separation. John stays with the baby and his mother in the apartment. Jane pulls out. When she hears that baby John is sick, she learns from her mother that the boy's disease is more serious. At the hospital, the parents learn that the boy only has a chance of survival if he quickly gets a special medicine. The drug is, however, only be obtained in Salt Lake City and the town is haunted by a terrible blizzard. However, the pilot Conway is ready to fly there for $ 5,000. Judge Doolittle has this time a heart and gives John the money. Conway is on its way. Meanwhile, the heroic act is also penetrated to the media and through radio transmission to a mass event. The plane crashes on the way to Salt Lake City, but Conway was able to escape. With a broken leg, the pilot reached a farm and the medicine can be transported in time to New York. The child is rescued and the parents get back together. Judge Doolittle finally decides to make John a partner of his law firm.


The film was shot from August to October 1938 and was first performed on 10 February 1939. In Germany the film never was shown in cinemas and had its premiere in 1978 on television (ARD). The idea for the story of the flight to get the vital medicine for the sick child from Salt Lake City to New York, based on David O. Selznick's experience as he prepares for his sick brother Myron Selznick medicine from New York to Los Angeles has let fly. Jo Swerling wrote the screenplay based on a short story by Rose Franken.


  • Lexicon of international film: Here and loosened through dialogue comedy marriage story with melodramatic accents.