Makedonia (Bulgarian newspaper)

Makedonija ( Bulgarian Македония, dt Macedonia) was a Bulgarian newspaper which was published 1866-1872 in the Ottoman capital Constantinople Opel Petko Slaveikov. Employees of the newspaper were among other Gavril Krastewitsch, Marin Drinow, Todor Ikonomow, Kuzman Schapkarew, Krastjo Pischurka and more.

The newspaper was one of the organs of the strong Bulgarian exile community in Constantinople Opel at that time and played a central role in the struggle of the Bulgarians for an independent Bulgarian church (→ Bulgarian Exarchate ) and school-based training during the period of the Bulgarian National Revival one.

In the newspaper news, articles and discussion in the Bulgarian and Greek language were published. First appeared in 1866, the newspaper Makedonija one of the first Bulgarian newspaper was next to the newspapers Bul orel (edited by Ivan Bogorov in Leipzig) and Zarigradski vestnik (edited by Alexander Exarch in Constantinople Opel ) ever and one of the most popular in this time.

The newspaper was behind the first steps of the Bulgarian women's movement, the education of women, gender equality and the establishment of women's groups called for. In the newspaper there was a part for economic issues, in the modernization of agriculture and education of the rural population were demanded. In Foreign Policy part to the policies of the great powers have been played.