Manuel de Brito Camacho

Manuel de Brito Camacho ( born February 12, 1862 in Aljustrel, † September 19, 1934 in Lisbon ) was a politician from the period of the First Republic in Portugal.


Brito Camacho was a member of the Portuguese Republican Party (PRP ). As asserted itself in the PRP of the left - liberal, anti-clerical wing of Afonso da Costa Brito Camacho left with his followers on 26 February 1912, the party and founded the Unionist Party, which he chaired for several years during the First Republic. He also founded the newspaper A Luta ( " The Battle " ), the Journal of the Unionist Party, which he led. In the initial phase of the First Republic, he was briefly Minister of Education.

During the First World War took place in Portugal to a grand coalition, the so-called " Government of the sacred unity" ( governo da união sagrada ), led by António José de Almeida. To this government, the Democrats and the evolutionists had joined the two other major successor parties of the PRP. Brito Camacho was this government hostile to.

Later he went to Mozambique, where he was from 1921 to 1923 the Portuguese governor. His party, the Unionists, had in 1919 combined with the evolutionists to the Liberal Republican Party.

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  • Born in 1862
  • Died in 1934
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