Marathon de La Rochelle

The La Rochelle Marathon (French Marathon de La Rochelle ) is a marathon in La Rochelle, held annually since 1991, usually on the last weekend of November. It is in terms of numbers of participants behind the Paris Marathon and the Médoc Marathon the third largest marathon in France.


The course consists of two not completely identical rounds through the city of La Rochelle. To avoid large crowds at the start of the race, there are two different starting points since 2001. Men under 50 years start on the Quai Maubec, men aged 50 and women start at the Quai Louis Prunier. The two groups meet after 3.3 miles and then walk together to the goal line the Cours des Dames.


Track records

  • Men: 2:07:13 h, John Kipkorir Komen (KEN ), 2012
  • Women: 2:28:24 h, Goitetom Haftu (ETH ), 2010

Finisher 2009

  • 6095 runner finishes ( 5345 men and 750 women), in 1132 less than last year

List of winners

Sources: website of the organizer, ARRS