Mare Crisium

The Mare Crisium (Lat. "Sea of ​​Dangers " ) is a lunar Sea of the Moon in the Crisium Basin, northeast of the Sea of ​​Tranquility.

The sea is on the selenographic coordinates 17 ° 00 ' N; 59 ° 06 ' E, and has an average diameter of 418 km.

In Mare Crisium there are two man-made objects. Firstly, the Soviet probe Luna 15, which should bring 11 lunar rocks to Earth before the astronauts of Apollo, but on July 21, 1969 hit hard. On the other Luna 24, the last probe of the Luna program, which landed on 18 August 1976, and 170 g of lunar rock brought back to Earth.


  • " KAFF also Mare Crisium " is a partially there playing (as utopian ) novel Arno Schmidt of 1960.
  • The Mare Crisium is the place of action in the short story The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke in 1951 The Sentinel is one of the templates for Clarke's novel 2001:. A Space Odyssey.