Marie, Princess of Liechtenstein

Princess Marie Aglaë Bonaventura Theresia of Liechtenstein, Duchess of Opava and Jägerndorf, Countess of Rietberg ( born as Marie Aglaë Bonaventura Theresa Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau ) ( born April 14, 1940 in Prague) is the daughter of Count Ferdinand Carl Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau and of Countess Henriette, née Countess of Ledebur Wicheln, and since July 30, 1967 wife of Prince Hans -Adam II, the head of state of the Principality of Liechtenstein.


She attended boarding school and junior high school in the home school of the Benedictine Monastery Forest in Baden- Württemberg, studied at the Academy for Applied Arts and then took off her diploma. Two language courses in England and France served to improve their language skills. She then worked up to their engagement in 1965 as a commercial artist for a printing company in Dachau.

She is President of the Liechtenstein Red Cross and president of the Association for Special Education.

On July 30, 1967, she married the then Hereditary Prince Hans -Adam in the Catholic parish church of St. Florin to Vaduz. The couple has four children:

  • Hereditary Prince Alois ( born June 11, 1968) is since July 3, 1993 married to Princess Sophie of Bavaria ( born October 28, 1967), niece of the current Wittelsbach family head Francis of Bavaria. They have four children: Prince Joseph Wenzel (born 24 May 1995), Princess Marie Caroline (born 17 October 1996), Prince George (born 20 April 1999) and Prince Nicholas (December 6, 2000)

HSH Prince Hans- Adam II HSH Princess Marie

  • HSH Hereditary Prince Alois HRH Hereditary Princess Sophie HSH Prince Joseph Wenzel
  • HSH Princess Marie -Caroline
  • HSH Prince Georg Antonius
  • HSH Prince Nikolaus Sebastian
  • HSH Prince Alfons
  • HSH Prince Moritz
  • HSH Princess Georgina
  • HSH Prince Benedikt
  • Prince Maximilian ( born May 16, 1969) is since January 29, 2000 married to Angela Brown ( born February 3, 1958). They have a son, Alfons Constantin Maria (born 18 May 2001).
  • Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein ( born March 15, 1972) is since June 5, 1999 married to Countess Marie of Kalnoky (born 16 July 1975). They have two sons, Moritz Emanuel Maria (born 27 May 2003), and Ferdinand Hubertus Maria ( born May 18, 2008) and a daughter, Georgina Maximiliana Tatiana Maria (born 23 July 2005).
  • Princess Tatiana (born 10 April 1973) is since June 5, 1999 married to Philip of Lattorff ( born March 25, 1968). They have six children: Lukas Maria (born 13 May 2000), Elisabeth Marie Angela (born 25 January 2002), Marie Teresa (born 18 January 2004), Camilla Maria Katharina (born 14 November 2005), Anna Pia Theresa Maria ( born August 3, 2007) and Sophie Katharina Maria (born 30 October 2009).